Farmhouse Renovation Update: Interior Demolition and New Framing *Ugly Photos

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 This week, as temperatures dropped below zero for several days here in the Chicago 'burbs, we got into the "guts" of the demolition at the farmhouse: the bathrooms and the kitchen were removed.  I never talked much about the bathrooms other than to share the cabinet and lighting makeover that I did in the front bathroom when we moved in.

Farmhouse Renovation Update: Framing and More Demolition

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 It has been a couple of weeks so I thought that I'd share a few progress photos from around the farmhouse.  Fortunately, the weather stayed unseasonably warm until about 72 hours ago so the framers were able to get the floor deck on the additions and the walls framed and sheeted before it turned bitter cold this week.  The photo above and the two photos below were taken over three days looking out of what used to be my bedroom window facing east toward the front of the house. 

2016 Word of The Year: Authentic

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Happy 2016! When I was writing my goals for this year and deciding on a single word to inspire and remind me, I didn't have to think very hard about it. It's a word that I've aspired to for several years but I've never actually "said it out loud" to anyone else. My 2016 word of the year is