Blogging Cross Roads and The Paths I've Chosen

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Geez, I don't like to be serious. I also don't like to have to do or say unpleasant stuff that might cause any of you to dislike me but I need to do it so I'm just going to put it all out there.

Some of you who have been around for awhile have probably noticed that there are changes on the blog over the last several weeks. There are reasons why and today, I'm going to try to explain.

Remember this photo?

Once Upon a Time: Child's Story Time Seat

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Once upon a time, a very long time ago, there was a tiny foot rest, that came to live in a house in the suburbs.  It was a sad little foot rest. Really too small to be of much use but just too darned cute not to hang on to.

Centerpieces for Heather's Wedding Reception- Pinned and Produced

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 Several months ago, my friend Ann, from Nellie's Barn Sale  called to ask me if I'd consider helping her to arrange reception flowers for her friend Heather's wedding.  If you have been following this blog for any length of time, you know that Ann and I have been friends since childhood and that I'd do just about anything for her. So, of course, I said Yes.  We both made boards on Pinterest. Mine was called Heather's Wedding and on it was this pin:

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The First Day of a Year of "Lasts"

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Today is the first day of what will be a year of "lasts". As of noon today, my youngest is a high school Senior. Wow, that was fast! I knew that it was coming. I suppose that I've been trying to avoid thinking about it, even though the signs have been all around me for a couple of weeks.

Kitchen Gadget Exchange - Small Tools, Big Impact

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I don't know about you, but I'm a HUGE fan of kitchen gadgets! Anyone who knows me knows that I'm a fan of virtually any type of tool but kitchen tools are pretty high up on my list. 

Notes to Myself - Dry Erase and Chalk Markers

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I've finally reached that point.

I've got so much stuff to remember that I've become a note writer.

But I don't just write notes on paper. I write them on major appliances

Vintage Suitcases - More Storage For My Studio

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You may have noticed them in the post that I published a couple of weeks ago when I shared the road side rescue dresser that's serving as another part of the vast amount of storage needed in my studio.

They're there, stacked beside the dresser. Do you see them?

I have a collection of  very well traveled, vintage suitcases that I've assembled over the years. Some have been gifts, others, I've purchased at flea markets, like the houndstooth case that I recently purchased from Kathy from Gracies Cottage/Down Lilac Lane. They're wonderful for storage. I have them all over the house.  These are those that are in my studio. They house a collection of ribbon, old hankies and bits of lace.

The suitcase that holds this tag was a gift from a friend. There are two of them. They belonged to her mother in law. Where do you think that she was going to or coming from? I thought that I had figured out that it was November 31, 1944...but as a reader so aptly pointed out, there are only 30 days in November, so the code remains a mystery.

Regardless, I've decided that  she was likely coming home from a Thanksgiving visit with family. At least that's the story that I tell myself.

Whose name do you suppose was on this beautiful leather tag? How many hands held these handles?

I'm fairly certain that they chat about it at night after I go to sleep. Telling stories of the places that they've seen and how fabulous their lives were before they came to live with me, in my studio, in the Midwest.

Yep, I'm certain of it. I'll bet that some of them even feel sorry for me. The most exciting place I've been this summer has been a day trip or two to the flea market. No suitcase required for that.



Spray Painted White Resin Owl - Escape from "Reality"

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I found this guy on a shelf at a HomeGoods store somewhere in Wisconsin on Saturday. 

The sign on the shelf  read something like:

New Arrival!   Resin Owl ~ Realistic Features!

 And I thought to myself, Hmm..."realistic features"...Really!?

Grayslake and Elkhorn Favorite Finds

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I'm going to keep this short and sweet, I'm not running away to join a vaudeville act and while I love the thought of using it, this beautiful cart is destined for my studio (for now).

My day started at 6 a.m. on Saturday. I drove the hour and a half to Grayslake to "early bird" shop at the Grayslake flea before traveling through Volo and along the Fox River, through Lake Geneva, (stopping at thrift and antique stores along the way) and finally, to Elkhorn. I was there to help my friend, Diane Passi set up and do a little early bird shopping before having dinner and finally heading home at 10 p.m..

Since this was a "working" trip, I didn't bring my camera but these are my favorite finds from the weekend:

Frontgate Photo Shoot - Christmas Comes Early

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 Don't you just love the first snow fall of the season? 

When it's 80 degrees outside, you're wearing shorts, and watching the snow being shoveled off of the sidewalk of your neighbor's home?  

Wait a minute.....what!?

YES, you read that right. Look closely at the girl in the left side of the photo above and  NO, they were NOT filming the latest installment of the "Home Alone" series. Let me tell you how it happened.

File Drawers - Unexpected Beauty

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Don't you just love it when you walk into a barn, in the middle of nowhere, that you happen upon by accident, and you find FABULOUS file drawers?

The kind that are dark and have that time-worn patina that comes from age and softly rounded corners that come from years of use.

Too Soon? - Autumn Coffee Filter Wreath

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Now that the daytime high temperature in my area  is supposed to be 84 instead of 104, I was wondering...

Is it too soon to think about Autumn?

Chalk Talk - DIY Studio Chalkboard

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This week, I finally joined the chalkboard craze that's been going on for oh, I don't know...probably the last  twenty or so,years. I'm not one to rush into things...this could just be a passing cable television.  Yeah, we don't have that, either...never have. Before you mock me, I hear that there are two other families in North America that don't have cable either.

It's Christmas in My Neighborhood

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Sorry Folks, no post today.  Why, you ask?!  Because I'm going to be busy watching it SNOW!!!! Frontgate is on my block shooting their Christmas catalog and I'll be spending time with them this afternoon! Of course, I won't be able to share anything that will go into the catalog but I'll get some shots of the behind the scenes for you!