Easy Recipe: Chocolate Caramel Toffee Bars

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I'm so glad that you stopped by today! Today's closing day (insert happy dance here) at the French Farm and to celebrate, I've made a batch of Maureen and Aunt Barb's White Chocolate Toffee Bars...or, as our close friends and family call it, "Aunt Barb's crack".

A Quick Hello! and some "Undecorating" Photos

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Hi! I've missed you! As you can see from these photos, I've been a little busy "un-decorating" our current home and getting ready to move.  Closing at the French Farm Project is set for next Wednesday at 11 a.m. and as of that time, we'll officially have TWO homes a period of just over a month.

EASY DIY: Super Simple Faux Zinc Painted Candlestick Holder Tutorial

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This weekend, I came down with a case of pro-craft-ination.   I have chronic, recurring episodes.

They often last for days.

Sometimes, I can feel an attack coming on....like when it's been more than 48 hours since I've painted something or baked something...or rearranged the family room.

In those instances, it comes on slowly. At first, it feels like boredom and I find myself standing in the middle of my studio... for no reason...searching for something to sew...or paint (or, sometimes, trying to remember why I went in there...but I digress...)

Then, if I can't find anything, I generally end up in the garage or the basement, rummaging through my stash of old pallet wood and boxes of fabric (sadly, they've been taken to the storage locker until after we move so I'm out of luck for awhile).

This weekend, however, I was caught completely off guard.  It was a classic case of sudden onset pro-craft-ination.

I'll admit it, I thought that I might be coming down with it when I realized that the only thing on my Saturday agenda was to pack boxes for moving.  But I had a large glass of water and set out to find a cabinet or closet to pack that wouldn't be too difficult or require more than an hour or so of my time because let's be honest,....I didn't really want to pack.

I decided to see if there were things in the lower cabinets in the family room that I could box up. After all, I'm pretty sure that I haven't looked in them since...oh... sometime in late 2010.

As soon as I opened the door, I spied these candle holders and had one of the most severe cases of pro-craft-ination that I'd experienced in months.  It was so bad, in fact, that not a single box was packed. Not one item was wrapped in paper.  Instead, I decided to treat these holders to a faux zinc finish before I tuck them away until we finish the rehab on the French Farm Project .

The process is SUPER simple: I gave them two coats of Graphite chalk paint and then sanded lightly with 000 steel wool.  Then, I mixed a little metallic craft paint (black nickel, gunmetal and brushed silver) with some antique effect and dabbed and wiped. I repeated this step with each of the three different shades. There's no need to cover all of it and certainly no need to be perfect.  After they dried, I sealed them with some matte polyurethane so that I can wipe them off.

Oh, and, for the record, the Martha Stewart people didn't compensate me in any way for this post. They probably don't even know that I exist!

The attack lasted the rest of the weekend. I'm actually feeling better today but no packing is going to get finished because I have to work.  Ah well, there's always next weekend. At least I know that these faux zinc finished candle holders will look fabulous when I see them again

                                                                                                                                              ....in 2014!

Have a beautiful Monday!


Sold Signs and Welcome to The French Farm Project

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If you're a follower on Serendipity Refined's Facebook Page, you've probably figured out by now that way back in the beginning of May (seriously, I've been waiting to tell you all of this for over two months) I found and purchased a new home my next project. I wanted to get to the point where I was fairly certain that I was actually going to get to do  this project before I talked about it out loud.

What would you do? Thoughts on a potential new project.

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La Petite Ferme "before" Photos...home renovation by Serendipity Refined

Have you ever considered taking on a project that you knew up front was going to be a mess?

Help with YOUR DIY #4: Chalk Painted Vanity and Mirror Transformation

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Chalk Painted Furniture Transformation: DIY Vanity Makeover by Serendipity Refined

Today I'm sharing the big reveal for the final transformation in my "Help with YOUR DIY" series: Sadie's Vintage Dressing Table with Mirror. This piece is a little different because, instead of helping her to paint this piece, Sadie commissioned me to paint it for her. If you were wondering whether I'm available to custom paint furniture, the answer is absolutely, Yes! If you're interested, send me a message and we can discuss details.

Easy Summertime Fresh Strawberry Pie Recipe

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Aren't summer berries amazing right now!?  They're fabulous in Illinois where I live!  From the local grocer to the farmer's markets, strawberries, raspberries and blue berries are in season and in demand... at least at my home. And what better way to enjoy them than in a fresh strawberry pie with home made glaze and a little whipped cream!

EASY DIY: Patriotic "No Sew" Stenciled Burlap Table Runner With Grain Sack Stripes

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Quick Easy DIY 4th of July Patriotic No Sew Grain sack Stripe Stenciled Burlap Table Runner by Serendipity Refined

I'm so glad that you stopped by today! Happy "almost" July 4th! First, let me say that I can't believe that it's JULY already, can you!?  Today, I'm sharing a quick and easy DIY project: A Patriotic, no sew, stenciled burlap table runner with grain sack stripes.  It's my favorite kind of project...the one that's free...and can be done in under an hour!

Free Help with YOUR DIY Project #3: Janet's Table and Lamp

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 Transformation: Chalk Paint Table and Lamp Makeover by Serendipity Refined

On Friday evening, my friend Janet and I performed a chalk paint update on her bedside table and lamp!  Unlike Nancy, the new friend who I met for the first time last week when I showed up at her door for Free Help with YOUR DIY Project #2, I've known Janet since we were in high school.