"Behind The Scenes" info on the Living Room Makeover

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I thought that I'd share a little behind the scenes "scoop" on the elements that make up the living room that I shared in Saturday/Sunday's post. For the "untrained" eye *wink*, the following may not be obvious:

Items in living room that were purchased at Goodwill, Salvation Army and Garage Sales:
All small, green, Christmas trees, silver coffee pot, green and white porcelain lamp (and the table that it's sitting on), sweaters and lace for pillows in the window seat, vintage silver Christmas tree, chenille "tree skirt", oval mirror, milk glass vase, white Christmas tree candles, small silver candles, lace doilies, white and silver ornaments, fireplace screen, tall blue/gray basket and the vintage lantern on the hearth) (I happened to have the silver candlesticks and the ice bucket but I've seen scads of both at both GW and SA).

Items that I made myself (or that Ann and I made): Pillow covers from book bags (no sew), pillow covers for the pillows on the sofa, yarn and jute wrapped balls on coffee table, burlap wreath on coffee table, family tree on the side table, "snow balls" on the mantle, embellished grape vine balls on the mantle, large "artwork" behind the sofa, knit throw on the sofa, burlap ball ornament and embellished angel cutout on the side table, white wreath from coffee filters and glittered pine cones in the opening to the fireplace, white painted branches for the "artwork" and the basket near the fireplace, ice skate cutout on the side table, jingle bell pillow on the window seat (don't look too closely, it's not finished).

Items that were "free": Small side chair,  basket near fireplace with logs in it (curbside finds two years ago); Great Grandma's sofa (from my parents' basement); coffee table, magazine rack and floor lamp (inherited);  lace "throw" (tablecloth) from my Grandmother, Birch logs, Pine cones, White Xmas sign (a gift from my friend, Laura, at B & B's Nest).

Items that came from Hobby Lobby or Michaels: Angel on side table, clear glass balls, grapevine balls.

So, as you can see, most of what makes up the room was either free, homemade or purchased at a "thrift type" location;  proving, once again, that you can make rooms beautiful on a budget. 

I'm working on Thanksgiving tablescaping today. Here's a hint: so far, it involves a painter's drop cloth, an old wooden shipping crate and borrowed dishes.....details soon.