What would you do? Thoughts on a potential new project.

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La Petite Ferme "before" Photos...home renovation by Serendipity Refined

Have you ever considered taking on a project that you knew up front was going to be a mess?

The type of project that had your parents, children, neighbors, colleagues, and all but a very few of your closest friends and blog BFF's wondering if you'd taken leave of your senses?

The type of project where you understood before you started it that the work involved might take years...

                ...and that at some point during the process, you'd likely have to move out ....if you were able to move in at all?

If you've ever considered a project like that, did it make your heart pound and your brain race!?

                                          Did it keep you up at night because you were so excited about the possibilities?

If you found a project like that....did you do it?  Would  you do it?  Would you take a leap of faith?

Would you be willing to move three times in 12 months for a project like that?

Would you envision a French Style farm house with white vertical siding, and duck egg blue trim...and a walk lined with a hundred or so lavender plants and pink roses?

La Petite Ferme "before" Photos...home renovation by Serendipity Refined

Would you imagine this building transformed into a potting shed or small studio...with a paver brick path and fox-glove-filled shade garden?

Could you look past this to see a sunken patio with a stacked stone wall with an outdoor living room and a fireplace?

Or get excited about removing this so that the water would stop coming into the basement?

If you found a 1950's ranch on almost three quarters of an acre of land...at the top of a hill, in a lovely area that needed a crazy amount of work...would you take on the task of transforming it into a one of a kind home using reclaimed materials, flea market and thrift store finds and features that you built yourself?

Truly, I'd like to know....what would you do?

And yes that is  a tree growing out of the broken window well where the water goes into the basement.  There's also lead plumbing...and the sewer needs to be replaced...and the roof....and the windows.

I'll tel you more about the inside next week.

So tell me, please....what would you do....if you were me!?