Not What I Expected

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When I was planning my posts for this week,  I thought that today, I'd be sharing a post on the marvels of Miss Mustard Seed Hemp Oil and how it has transformed several vintage pieces of furniture in my home from dull to divine and also left my hands so soft that I may just slather it on my hands and feet every night before bedtime.

I had the post all written. I had taken the photos and transferred them to my computer. I simply had to edit them and I'd be able to show you my Grandmother's blanket chest and the cute little table that I picked up at a French estate sale last fall.  But then, I had to "perform an in-place migration from WindowsXP to Windows7".

Let me just start by saying that If you even know what that means, you're way ahead of me. When I received notification from my company LAST APRIL that I was going to have to do this, I thought, "Huh?" ......"Wait, what?!"  So I did what I usually do, I waited. I stalled. I found other things to do.

And then we moved. I'm pretty sure that the first set of migration CD's are with my good china. They may or may not have been lying on the table in the dining room on the day that the china was put into boxes and moved to the storage locker.

In September, my manager reminded me that I needed to install the new operating system. 

In October, I admitted that I had misplaced the CD's thinking that maybe I wouldn't have to do it. 

In December, sent me replacement CD's...SEVEN of them....and an instruction manual....and the telephone number of a really nice group of people in India who would help me with any issues that I may encounter. By that time, my boss was out on a leave of absence and I was doing her job as well as my own. It was the end of the year and I was given permission not to migrate the operating system until January.

It's amazing how really far away "January" seems when it's December 7th.  Last week, I got a "final warning" that I needed to migrate my operating system so I unearthed the CD's and the manual and the phone number for the people in India.

I spent eight hours backing up my data onto my son's external hard drive. Mine was discovered on Tuesday... in the basement... near the power tools...without the power cord. Last weekend, I installed the new operating system....three times because my connection to the Internet kept dropping (thanks, UVERSE).

On Monday night , I clicked the final "Install" button (ONLY after reading the WARNING: This operation cannot be undone." notification several times and having a Diet Coke while trying to figure out if there was any possible way that I could not migrate and still be gainfully employed on Tuesday morning).

The installation took nine hours. On Tuesday, I made six calls to India and the lovely people who work in the help center were able to assist me in setting up about 1/2 of the software that used to be on my computer. The rest, it seems, is up to me.

Soooo....I have no photos on my computer and I need to re-install the Nikon Transfer software that came with my camera before I can share the post with you. Believe it or not, I found the disk...but it doesn't seem to want to "talk" to Windows7.

I'll be back soon with posts and photos...and an update on whether or not I gave in and tried Miss Mustard Seed Hemp Oil as a moisturizer for my face (just kidding...for now).