Retail Store Display Staging and An Announcement

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Over the last several years, I've had the opportunity to extend my staging services beyond residential and into the market and retail environments. I've had the pleasure of fluffing staging at Nellie's Barn Sale and The Vintage Market. I even did a  little retail display work at my friend Nancy's shop, Twigs and Twine, in Capron when they opened a couple of years ago..

During this time, I learned that I love creating vignettes to display the things that a vendor or store  has for sale. Multiply that by about a million when the store sells painted furniture, vintage and repurposed items and handmade items from local vendors and throw in even more love when my own home is undergoing renovation and the only "staging" going on involves stacking cardboard boxes in every room in the house.

When  my friends, Erin and Kelly opened their store, Vintage-Fresh in downtown Downers Grove early this year, it was pretty much given that I'd love to shop at their store. What I didn't expect was that I'd get along with them so well that they'd allow me to moonlight creating window displays and doing a little store staging.                   
                                                                 But, they did and I love it!

Over the last week or so, we've been chatting and  I've been at the store... playing with vintage linens and lace, crystal, milk glass, ironstone (of course) and all sorts of other vintage and hand made items that make the hours fly by and my heart smile.

I've had so much fun hanging out with Erin and Kelly that I also knew pretty quickly that I wanted to be a part of their fabulous store in whatever way I could (while still renovating the farmhouse and having a family and a full time job).

So, as of April 15th (yesterday), you can now find Serendipity Refined embroidered vintage style dish towels, handmade pillows and buntings at Vintage Fresh with more items added as the opportunity arises

                                                          You'll see them in the window....

                                         and you'll find them tucked into displays around the store.

Of course, I'll still be blogging and writing tutorials (and I'll be hosting my vintage household surplus sale if it ever stops snowing) but now, I'll also have a place to sell some of the things that I create.

Besides being great fun, I also have to believe that selling a few of the things that I create will make life infinitely easier as we embark upon life in about 200 square feet of living area with a dog while the major portion of Phase 2 happens this summer). 

For those of you who aren't local, I am  accepting custom orders for towels, pillows, aprons and buntings and am in the process of setting up an online store. If you have an urgent need, message me and we'll work something out.

I hope that if you're in the south Chicago 'burbs, you'll stop by Vintage-Fresh. There are loads of fabulous ideas for weddings, showers and you'll find end of year teacher's gifts as well as Graduation and Mothers Day ideas! In coming weeks,

I'll also be announcing a couple of workshops that I'll be teaching at the store as well as a very important announcement involving painted furniture classes and PAINT!

There are lots of changes on the horizon here at Serendipity Refined/A French Farmhouse and I'm forever grateful to each of you for being here to share them!