French Country Light Fixtures for the Farmhouse Dining Room

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French Country farmhouse style chandeliers and sconces with resources

In case you missed my little "confession" on the Serendipity Refined Facebook page this week, I hugged my UPS driver. Yes, I did.  I hugged him because he brought my new French country style chandeliers and sconces for the farmhouse dining room.  I admit it. I hugged him...with both arms...right outside of my front broad daylight...over light fixtures.

                                                                                                        I think that I startled the poor guy.

At least I waited for him to put the boxes down before I broke out my very best "I don't really know you but I'm hugging you anyway because a happy dance just isn't enough" bear hug.

After all, I hadn't completely lost my mind. I didn't want my lighting to end up damaged six feet from my front door because I was so darned excited that I couldn't contain myself.

The reason for my temporary loss of composure was that it took me a long time to decide on lighting for the dining room and I was over the moon when I finally ordered them and had them in my hands in less than a week.  Lighting for the dining room was a big decision for me because it involved three chandeliers and two wall sconces all in the same room.

You see, the farmhouse dining room used to be the ranch house living room in a prior life.  I wanted a space large enough to seat twenty to twenty four people for holiday dinner and this room fit the bill (after a few minor renvoations).  My new dining room is 29 feet long and 17 feet wide so space is certainly not an issue.

Heck, there's enough to seat twenty with room left over for a couple of small seating areas and the piano.

Yes, there will be a piano in my dining room because the farmhouse won't have a formal living room and most of the other spaces that I'm creating aren't meant to hold large groups of people excepting the kitchen (because I love to cook and my friends tend to congregate there) and the dining room.

You probably remember the largest chandelier from last year when we moved to the farmhouse and I decorated it with bittersweet.  It has been relocated to the new dining room and now it hangs directly above the table as it will about 85% of the time when we're not entertaining. 

However, when the table is fully extended,  and occupies 2/3 of the room,  the large chandelier will be over one "end" of the table. This didn't seem right to me so I added two smaller chandeliers hung closer to the ceiling, one at each end of the room for balance and to provide light when we have a large number of guests for dinner.

If you've noticed that there is no crown molding in the room, you're correct...there's also no base board and the windows will be replaced next month.  Those yellow pieces of tape in the photo above are the outside marks for the limestone fireplace surround that hopefully will be delivered today.

There's still a lot of work to be done in this room  but I love my new French country light fixtures. You may also be relieved to know that I was much more reserved yesterday when the UPS driver delivered the package with the last of the drapery hooks.  He was a little hesitant as he handed me the package but I just smiled politely and thanked him.

I sure hope that he recovers by the time my new bed linens arrive in four to six weeks!


Large chandelier: Horchow Salento 6 light
Sconces and small chandeliers: Lighting direct Quorum International Salento