Red Yellow and Gray Fall Porch Decor

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This year, I decided on a red and yellow color scheme for my fall front porch decor. As you may have guessed if you saw my fall window box planter post, I chose mums and heuchera for my front porch as well.

My front door is also sporting a new color. While I still love the turquoise, I needed to see what the color looked like before I ordered the new windows for the farmhouse so I painted the front door with a color that I used in my son's apartment rehab two years ago: Benjamin Moore Kendall Charcoal.

The warm gray is a great neutral anchor with the bright red, yellow and orange of the mums, pumpkins and gourds. It also goes really well with the brick and limestone (temporarily...until I lime wash the brick.)

 I brought my wood bench from the garden and dressed it in wool plaid blankets with felt pillows that I made.  The leaf silhouettes seemed to  be the perfect choice for this time of year and the fact that they are made of felt means that they were inexpensive to make.

I placed  mums in galvanized containers and bushel baskets and used straw bales to add height to some of the pots. I love how lush and full it looks. This punch of color really helps the front of our home feel warm and welcoming....

...especially since we currently have no landscaping against our home due to the upcoming renovation and window replacement.  In the mean time, at least it looks like someone lives here while we wait for our building permit.

It's officially fall here. The trees have begun to change and the squirrels are burying nuts in my lawn to get ready for winter. Garden centers are stocked and I'm continually amazed at all of the colors in the gorgeous pumpkins, squash and gourds that are available. Old Mother Nature really knows how to put on a fall show.

So far, the squirrels have left the gourds alone, it's only the pumpkins that they seem to have a taste for but that doesn't surprise me... after all, who doesn't love the flavor of pumpkin in the fall?! Take a look around.. "pumpkin spice everything" season is in full swing and this year  the squirrels in my yard aren't missing out.

I figure, if you can't beat 'em, join 'em.  I'm still trying to keep my pumpkins in one piece for the next couple of weeks until Halloween but after that, I think that I'll just set out a jar of cinnamon and a can of whipped cream and tell them to enjoy a Thanksgiving treat on me.

I'm enjoying the last few warm days of fall. The changing colors of the leaves and the warm red, yellow, and gray of my fall front porch has me feeling warm and cozy.

                           Who knows?!, maybe I'll grab a latte and join the squirrels for a mid morning break.

Thanks so much for reading.