Rustic European Farmhouse Style Bathroom With Sources

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I can't begin to tell you how exciting it is to finally begin to show you the rooms and share the stories of our bespoke farmhouse and the three and a half years that went into collecting the parts that make up our home.  Today, I'm sharing some of the elements that make up our guest bathroom. 

The very first thing that you see when you walk into the room is the beautiful, wire-brushed oak vanity that was made by a remarkable Amish cabinet maker named Merle from The Country Workshop in Arthur, Illinois.  It's made from wire brushed oak and finished with stain and gray glaze. I love the fact that the character and the grain of the wood show. through and I've smiled more than once at the fact that the first thing that people want to do when they see it is to run their hands over it.

I met Merle a year ago by chance and last fall, we were able to see his shop in person and to meet his darling wife, Laura, and their children.  We spent a day on their farm, toured the shop, talked to his wife about vegetable gardening and renovating our home. We also talked about baking and she generously shared produce from her garden. Of course, we became friends because kind people are my kind of people.

One of the things that has always been important to me is that our home is a reflection of us and of the people who have had an impact on our lives. I love the fact that the things in our home are not only things that we love, they are also a collection of pieces found over years and purchased from artists, artisans, craftsmen, pickers and shop keepers who have become friends.Our home tells the story of not only us but of the amazing people with whom we share our journey and who have touched our lives in some way.
On the wall above the vanity, a chippy, crusty old picture frame purchased from my friend, Christy at Carter's Cottage in DeKalb. I had a mirror put into it at a local, family owned, glass company. These pieces add a time-washed patina to our home that gives it a comfortable familiarity and a sense of history that invites those who visit us to imagine simpler times and the history of the items of which we are the current keepers.
I realized very early on in the process of collecting things for this home, that Mr. Refined feels that there's a fine line between "rustic" and "crappy". Fortunately, this mirror is perfectly rustic! Layers of paint and old plaster and a shape that is simple enough to be in a farmhouse bathroom.
 If you follow along on Instagram, you'll recognize this sweet little pendant light that I found at a local flea market for $45...and then found the same pendant online brand new for $ kidding! It's missing a couple of pieces but they're on order and it will be back to it's lovely self in just a few weeks.

Since this bathroom will be used by my sons when they're at home, I added a vintage shaving mirror that I found while out junking at Harvest Lane Vintage with my bestie, Ann from Nellie's Barn sale. This great old antiseptic bottle from an old barber shop (which also came from Harvest Lane) found a home in the bathroom cabinet.

The towel ring in this bathroom is a vintage iron horse head that I purchased three years ago from Judy at The Empty Attic. It's heavy and just refined enough to feel a little fancy without being formal or fussy. I want our family and friends to feel at home and not to worry about using the items in our rooms. We have a home made for living, not a museum.
 I originally thought that this beauty would end up in the powder room or maybe in the back hall above the farmhouse sink but it seems perfect in this bathroom.
I love to use black and white with brown so you'll find black and white buffalo check and ticking stripes mixed in with linen and gray throughout the farmhouse.
I found this great iron steer that's an old bank at Nellie's Barn sale last fall from Apothecary Design. I knew that they were bringing it to the show but I was working at the gate when the show began. I decided that if it was still available when I had my break, it was coming home with me....needless to say, this was another "meant to be" farmhouse find.
 Of course, there are also new things in this bathroom as there are throughout our home.  My Sigma Brass unlacquered brass faucets have already begun to patina.

Vintage style soap dispensers found online look great sitting on Calcutta marble countertops.  The floor is French limestone and the tile in the shower is hand formed and hand glazed. 
Like the rest of the house, there are still finishing touches to be done in this room. We'll install a door and trim around the window and floor. I also have an oak arch that was reclaimed from an old house that will cover the shower rod. I found a linen shower curtain on Etsy and I was gifted a roll of French toile wallpaper that will be framed into photos for the wall.
I'm still looking for a couple of odds and ends but this rustic farmhouse style bathroom is nearly complete. Sorry that it has taken so long to post but the truth is that my studio has been in such disarray that I lost my photo transfer device sometime just after Christmas and didn't find it again until yesterday's that bad!  

 On the plus side, I've got more to show you because even though I had no way to transfer them, I have been taking a few photos along the way so stay tuned...and thanks for reading!