Favorite projects - Early 2011 (before I was a "blogger")

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A few photos of things that you may have missed from my "life prior to blog land".

January - I hosted a "game night" Sweet 16 party for a lovely young lady who is the daughter of a friend.

February - Homemade "love" for Valentines Day.

March: Family Room mini-makeover:

April: Easter and my Spring urn.

May: Flea-market patio furniture makeover. (and yes, I really did paint some of it in the middle of my kitchen...without a drop cloth).

June/July/August: Another batch of homemade laundry soap, Summer flowers, 4th of July, and crocheted cotton wash cloths.


Serendipity was "unofficially" launched in August and I entered into the "blog sphere" shortly thereafter.

Thanks for reading.