I have a (drywall taper's) knife and I know how to use it!

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....and it's a good thing that I do! 

When I built my home ten years ago, my builder assured me that his painter was "really good". Of course, I believed my builder.  When the painter told me that he would "prime all of the ceilings and walls and then paint one coat on the ceilings and two coats on the walls", I believe him, too.

About a year ago, when I had to redo the ceiling in my sons' bathroom because the paint was peeling off in big sections, all the way down to the yellow Sheetrock compound, I had a feeling that MAYBE the painter had lied to me. I chose, instead, to believe that maybe he had merely "missed priming" the ceiling in the bathroom. It could have happened that way.

However, when I started steaming the border off of the ceiling in the master bedroom and the paint was coming with it, all the way down to the yellow Sheetrock compound, I decided that I'd been "had".  This is what happens when a painter simply sprays on a single coat of "builder's grade, flat, white, ceiling paint and doesn't prime the brand new drywall prior to doing so. 
There's no way that I would have known because, unless there's steam or moisture, the paint "sticks" to the drywall and as long as no one touches it, it's "fine".  I've now patched, sanded and primed the entire ceiling and the tray (even the "good part" of the painted ceiling) because when I started to roll the primer on the patches, the adjoining paint began to blister and would have peeled had I tried to paint over it. The moisture in the new paint is enough to cause the first coat to "let go" of the drywall. 

With that part finally behind me, I've ordered the wallpaper and started to paint the walls and ceiling. More photos when there's something to show. 

In the mean time, I painted a baby gift for the soon-to-be-born son of my friend, Angie.  His name will be Gavin and the theme in his nursery is Noah's Ark. His walls are beige and his quilt has navy and dark red.

I'm pleased with how they turned out. I hope that his mom likes them.

I'm back to doing more painting, some baking for Valentines Day, and a few things for the Vintage Market!

Have a great week!