It's the little things.

Pin It

A simple nod. A single word. Tulips from my garden, clutched in the hand of my then two year old "oldest" son. An enamelled pin made by my "youngest" son. An unexpected telephone call. Good friends. Family. Faith. 

Today, my "gift" to you is a reminder, to each of you, to share YOUR special gifts (and yes, we ALL have some) with those whom you love and who love you. Your "gift" doesn't have to be grand,  carefully staged, or photographed. It doesn't have to be public. It can be as private as a glance between lovers, a giggle between friends or a prayer between you and God. 

Share your Love and your gifts, today and EVERY day. I am doing the same. Every. Single. Day.

When my sons were(are) Juniors in high school, they both were(are) dating lovely young ladies. Rather than encouraging them to spending money that they didn't(don't) have to celebrate Valentines Day with dinner in a restaurant, I offered to  become "chef and staff" for a night of  "Dinner for two in the dining room". Amazingly, they both agreed!

My oldest son and his girlfriend, 2008
On the Menu:
Shrimp Cocktail
Salad with candied pecans, mandarin oranges, and raspberry vinegrette
Chicken Saltimbocca
Heart shaped mashed potatoes (with red pepper "arrows")
Molten Chocolate Cake with vanilla ice cream and raspberry sauce

(Sorry for the quality of these photos...they were taken with my old Kodak.)

My youngest son and his girlfriend, 2012
On the menu:
Salad with candied almonds, mandarin oranges and creamy poppy seed dressing
Bacon wrapped Filet Mignon
Twice Baked Potatoes with bacon, cheddar cheese and chives
Creme Brulee' with raspberry sauce and fresh berries.

Photos soon.

Whatever you do today, do it with love.