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Friday, November 30, 2012

Jennifer Rizzo 2012 Virtual Holiday House Walk!

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 Please Note: I'm just including a couple of photos from last year so that this post isn't all "words".

Okay, I'll admit it...

I drive past other people's homes after dark when the lights are on, so that I can see how they decorate.

I've considered knocking on doors and asking them to leave their drapes open so that I can see inside.

 I'm not a stalker, honest.  I just LOVE looking at other people's homes.

                                        Especially when they're decorated for the holidays!  

So, I'm inviting you to do that with me.  You don't even have to get dressed up...or leave the comfort of your own home.

Beginning on Monday, December 3rd (that's this Monday... only two more days!) one of my BFF's Jennifer Rizzo and some of the best bloggers in the Home Decor market will be opening their homes to YOU (and me..and just a couple of other people) for a HOLIDAY HOUSE WALK that lasts all week long!

Take a look at the names on this list....I'm so excited to see what these ladies have dreamed up this year!

So, I'll see you Monday at the tour...(check my sidebar for a button with the link) I'll be the one with the huge cup of coffee...and a notebook...and my finger on the Pin It button...because I know that there's going to be a ton of inspiration!

This is going to be such fun and just think, we don't even have to worry that some one's going to call the police!

If you'd like to get an idea of just how amazing this is going to be, here's a link to last year's tour.

Jennifer Rizzo 2011 Virtual Holiday House Walk




  1. I'm so excited! I love her holiday tours, and I love your home =)

    1. Thanks Andrea! I can't wait for the tour on Monday!

  2. Yours is looking so lovely!! I can't wait to see the rest of yours and everyone else's!! xo Holly

    1. Oh Holly, These photos are just mine from last year that I included just for fun so that the post wouldn't be all words.

      I can't wait to see the tour!

  3. OOOhhh.. good to know I am not the only one :-) Whew, thought I had an incurable disease or something. Hahahahaa!
    Luv your home and can;t wait for the tours... and to link mine up as well.
    Thanks for sharing Kimberly.
    Cheers, Gee

    1. Thanks for admitting that you do it too!!!! :) Hugs, Kimberly

  4. This is gonna be fun! How in the world am I supposed to work on my to-do list with this going on?!!!
    And Kimberly, I have to tell you - my hubby bought wood last night to START ON MY WINDOW TRIM!!!!!!!! Can you believe it!?! I might actually get some window trim in my living room today! I'm just hoping for the 2 windows to get done so we can hang the shutters. The baseboard and door trim I'm willing to wait on! :) Just thought you would appreciate this little update!!

    1. OH MY GOODNESS! I'm SO EXCITED FOR YOU!!! I don't know if you can tell but I'm dancing...yes I the chair in my office! YAYAYAY! I'd throw around a little confetti if you were here...or I were there! Give that guy a hug.

      For the record, baseboard is highly overrated...except in kitchens, where it keeps cheerios from rolling under the wall (unless you have a dog).

      You MUST take least one! xoxo


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