Planning for Unexpected Thanksgiving Guests

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Have you ever had a surprise guest for Thanksgiving?  Well, maybe not entirely a surprise...let's just say that it wasn't someone that you had planned on hosting for Thanksgiving... someone that you figured wouldn't probably show up until...well... closer to Christmas.

You may have known that there was a possibility that they would be there but hadn't really counted on it.
I have that sort of thing going on at my home this year.

You see, it has become apparent, since the little water issue in our basement last month, that Santa may be joining us for Thanksgiving dinner this year.

In fact, several Santa's.....and a pool table.

The pool table I can deal's Santa that I'm having a tough time trying to figure out. You see, Santa and I go way back...
and pretty much everyone knows that you don't want to get on the wrong side of Santa...especially this time of year.

Having Santa join our family for the holidays is generally thought of as a good thing. We've always enjoyed having Santa around. Especially at Christmas.

But having Santa for Thanksgiving is something that I've never really considered...Until this week when I started to think about tablescaping and this year's seating arrangement.

Does Santa sit at the head of the table?

Can Santa sit next to Uncle Tom?  (You know, there was that one year when Uncle Tom got coal for Christmas...I'm not sure that he ever forgave Santa for that).

What's the proper etiquette when hosting multiple Santa's? Do they all sit together or do they prefer to be intermingled with the rest of the guests?

How exactly does the seating chart look? Is it Uncle Tom, Santa, Drew, Santa, Cole, Santa, and so on?

Should it be Santa, Drew, Jessica, Cole, Santa?

...or is Santa really going to want to sit next to Jessica this year?

What about power? Does Santa prefer to be fully illuminated during Thanksgiving dinner or does he prefer to wait until closer to dusk?

In a proper table setting, is the power strip and/or extension cord supposed to be placed to the left of the salad fork? Or is it to the right of the soup spoon?

I've never had dinner guests that required a power source before. In fact, I don't usually allow electronics at the table at all.

I suppose that I could make an exception...for Santa...I mean, didn't we just talk about the "Uncle Tom incident?"....just sayin'...

It's been a real dilemma for me this week. This is what I've been dealing with.

That and how much turkey to order. I know that you're supposed to allow 1/2 lb of turkey per adult but how, exactly, does one calculate the amount of turkey necessary for a five and a half foot tall vintage Santa?

Does Santa skip the turkey altogether and just eat pie? Do I need to make Christmas Cookies?

And what about the reindeer? Are they going to show up, too?

I'd better put more carrots on the grocery list.

So, have you ever hosted Santa for Thanksgiving?

I'd like to know...really....  If the big guy has joined you for turkey dinner, where did you seat him?