Snow(white) in the Dining Room - Christmas Tablescape

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Have you ever wondered what it looks like when Snow White and the guys sit down for holiday dinner at the castle?

Do you think that she has her staff turn the dining room into a wonderland that reminds her of her days back at the cottage in the woods?

I'll bet that she does. She always was kind of crafty...even when she had nothing to work with but a white table cloth, a burlap runner, a few bowls and some things that she gathered in the woods...including a six foot long birch log!

It's been a few years since the story about "Snow" and the guys  was written and I know that they've all moved on with their lives...especially after the EPA closed the mine sometime in the late 1980's.  

Happy probably has a wife and kids. He lives not far from the original cottage and makes a living as an organic farmer.

Doc has likely relocated to a nearby hamlet where he has opened a practice with several other physicians but not before prescribing antihistamines and and an inhaler for Sneezy and Wheezy

Dopey likely married a girl who loves shyness and naivete and I'll bet that  Sleepy finally settled down with a lovely girl that he met while working the night shift at UPS. 

As for Grumpy, well, once Doc figured out that his attitude was actually caused by a gluten sensitivity, he started feeling much better and opened a gluten free bakery in town.

So when these dear friends gather at the holidays to talk about their lives and celebrate the fact that Snow got signed to a contract for her very own decor program at HGTV;

I'll bet that there's lively conversation, much laughter, and maybe even some singing....

After all...if you think about it, that Hi Ho song has some pretty snappy lyrics!

  • The tree round chargers were made using a chainsaw and a fallen tree. Bake them in the oven before using them to ensure that you don't have any "tiny guests" crawling around your table!
  • The center of the table is a burlap runner made by cutting and fraying the edges of a piece of natural burlap. I added a 6 foot long birch pole and layered mixed live greens around it to which I added pine cones, 4 vintage silver candlesticks and 3 satin bows. There is no container in this arrangement. It has been on the table for just over 2 weeks. I mist it with water every other day. So far, it's still moist and pliable. Use table pads or a sheet of plastic under the runner to protect your table from moisture and/or sap.
  • The dishes are white ironstone, with vintage candlewick and English bone china. The glassware was inherited from my mother in law.

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