Farm House Dungeon (aka Basement Laundry Room) Before Photos

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The real estate listing sheet for the French Farmhouse said that the "Laundry Room" was in the basement. 

I thought, sure, no problem.  

                                           After all, it's probably got a window well or two to let in some sunlight.... right?  

And there's probably at least a place to fold clothes or a shelf to put a basket on, isn't there?

It won't be so bad. I brought my washer and dryer from the old house, I'll just connect them. 

Yep, you guessed it,that's them in the top photo....sitting against the wall on the right....unconnected...because there's no gas line for the dryer.

The laundry room will be on the first floor when we do Phase 2 of the renovation so it's only temporary but I still spend a fair amount of time down here so I'd like to have a place to sort clothes...and a place to fold them...

.....and while we're at it, I'd like not to have to re-wash a towel because I accidentally dropped it on the floor as I was putting it into the dryer.

Oh...and the listing sheet also mentions a basement bathroom....that'll be great.

Sometimes life is all about perception.

Perception.....and bleach.....and a couple of quarts of paint.....and a few yards of fabric....

                                                            Oh, and a plumber to run a gas line so that I can connect the dryer.

The one thing that the listing sheet didn't  mention turned out to be my favorite part of the dungeon my new laundry room; these rockin' cast iron, white enamel laundry tubs!

                                                                  They make me smile (or at least they will when they're clean!)