Farmhouse Style Fall Decorating

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Fall has arrived in Illinois. The days are sunny, the skies clear and blue and the leaves are just beginning to change.  Last weekend was one of those perfect fall weekends....the temperatures were in the 70's and I was alone at the French Farm was a perfect day for a road trip.

This particular drive was one that I've been waiting to take for awhile.

I've been a fan of farmhouse style for a long while and this home is filled with it.

From the moment I walked through the door, I felt right at home.

Time flew as I walked around with my mouth hanging open tried to take it all in.  From wood valances atop door ways to a meat-dome-turned-kitchen-ceiling-lamp, her home is as fabulous and fun
                                                                                             and creative and one-of-a-kind.

There's not a corner that isn't incredible. Eye candy is everywhere. I could have photographed for hours.  It's no wonder that this home has been featured  in Jeanne d' Arc Living magazine and Romantic Prairie Homes.

The mistress of the house has a curator's eye and a talent with paint and finishes that takes my breath away.  New, mixed with old, repurposed, reclaimed, industrial, farm house, all blends together seamlessly in a way that quietly whispers, "Welcome home".

There is reclaimed tin roof from her Grandfather on the shed, a zinc topped table beneath the vintage crystal chandelier in the dining room. For me, it's perfection. I could have moved in in a know...if I wasn't still unpacking boxes from my last  move.

The work bench and shed were overflowing with the special magic that she creates: handmade and repurposed items like these amazing bottles:

The one with the cows on it was calling my name...I swear...I heard it.....but then I saw this beauty:

French crown for my French Farm House?!  How perfect would that be?!

Alas, I didn't purchase one but I did  come home with a few treasures and with a renewed sense of determination that, one day, my 1950's red brick ranch house will be as interesting and welcoming and beautiful as this home is. Feeling collected over time.

When I asked the mistress of the house to describe how she decorates her home, she summed it up perfectly when she explained,
"The way that you put together the things that you love comes from how you feel about them."

It's obvious that she loves her home...and it loves her right back!

I hope that you enjoyed the photos of my lovely fall day.