Apartment Rehab Update: Week 2

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I can't believe that it has already been a week since I updated the progress that my son and I are making on the rehab of his apartment...there are times when it feels as if this project has been going on for months instead of just two weeks. It's taking more time because we can only spend a couple of hours each evening during the week (after work) and the brunt of what we're doing happens on the weekend when we are both available.

This week, the carpet was installed in the main room and I washed and re-hung the blinds in the main room. We had a little "setback" with the electrical as we were installing the track lighting and an electrician came on Monday to try to figure out what happened so we're now back on track...I know... I couldn't resist!

The carpet made a huge difference but this week's pride and joy is the progress that we've made in the kitchen! We tore out a layer of vinyl and a layer of 12 inch "peel and stick" faux wood flooring in the kitchen. We also removed all of the upper kitchen cabinets, painted them, and re-installed them moving them all the way up to the ceiling and all the way to the left wall. When we did this, I also removed the "scrolly decorative valance" from the 15 inch cabinet that used to hang above the sink and moved that cabinet to above the range.

We purchased a new 36 inch stock cabinet from HD and installed it where the 15 inch cabinet had been.I painted the kitchen white. We also installed 4x4 inch white tile to extend to the edge of the range and up to the new height of the cabinets. I also cleaned the oven/range. My son now has a range that is nicer than the one at the farmhouse.(I may go to his place to bake until I get a new one!)

We installed a new light in the bathroom and  purchased two new doors for the closet and bath and stained them (polyurethane this week after the locksmith comes to route the doors and install the door knobs.

Still remaining:

Main room:
  • Install track lighting
  • Repair the lock on the window
  • Varnish the exterior of the door 
  • Build or purchase a bathroom sink base and sink. 
  • Install new toilet. 
  • Paint the bathroom ceiling
  • Install a new tp holder, towel bar and/or hooks
  • Build or purchase shelving
  • Paint the trim gray
  • Tile the wall behind the sink
  • Install and finish new 12 inch plywood floor (yes, this will be the "finished" flooring)
  • Paint the trim
  • Build an Island
  • Install faucet
  • Install under cabinet light
  • Install new Air conditioner
  • Grout the backsplash
  • Build/install new shelves
  • Build hanging pot rack
  • Paint the trim gray and install new base around the cabinets after the floor is installed
 I'm sure that I've missed a few things but I'll keep you updated as we make progress! In the mean time...just one more kitchen shot...

 I can't believe that it's the same place...and we haven't even gotten to the "good part"...the DECORATING!