French Farmhouse Update: Lighting and Door Hardware Selections

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I've spent the last few days finalizing light fixtures and bathroom fixtures and door hardware for Phase 2 of the renovation here at the farmhouse. Phase 2 of this renovation is going to be extensive and involved.  Have you ever heard the old adage, "It's going to get worse before it gets better"?

                                                                                                                           Welcome to "worse".

I'll be spending the next few days packing up and stacking everything in our house with the exception of 1 bedroom/bathroom into the dinging room. This is because it's the  only room that isn't being touched during this phase of the renovation and that's because I renovated it last year.  Other than that, every room in the house is moving to a new location, bedrooms become a kitchen, the kitchen becomes a bathroom, etc.

It's a lot like moving again...without the help of several big strong moving guys. I'm so thankful that I saved the boxes.

In addition to packing and consolidating everything into what is basically one room, I'm spending my evenings filling in a giant, multi-tabbed, spreadsheet that I created to keep track of all of the choices that need to be made. I find that  for a project of this size and scope, a spreadsheet, a binder and some folders really help keep me organized.  (More on this topic later).

Above are the interior door knobs that we will likely use. I'm sad to be giving up the original 1950's glass knobs but after having to use a hammer and screwdriver to get out of the bathroom and a pry bar to get into the house from the garage after knobs and locks literally came apart in my hands, the locksmith assures me that it's the safest choice. 

I like variety. Since this home has already been added onto at least once and will now be renovated and added onto again, I am embracing the fact that it will look like a series of converted farm buildings when it's finished rather than a more traditional home.

In that spirit, I've chosen four types of hardware for the interior doors.  All of them will come from a single manufacturer and all of them will have the same oiled bronze finish and the same back plate but the knobs and levers will be different.  

With 85% of the door hardware chosen, I decided to start making final lighting selections. I realized fairly quickly that it's going to take more time since there are so many great manufacturers and sources available.  I started with a stack of books from my local lighting store and then began to visit favorite websites like Ballards, Pottery Barn, Restoration Hardware, Lamps Plus and Lighting Direct. 

As you can see from the spreadsheet, there's still a lot to be chosen. I'm able to re-use the fixtures from our current kitchen and foyer in other areas of the house. I'm also looking into having the lamp post outside re-wired. As for new fixtures, the first photo above are those that I've found these for the exterior, stable hall and foyer:

Of course, they don't "match". They're from different companies in similar but not the same finishes. I like the eclectic feel that it creates when things don't match. It gives the home a sense of history.

My favorite find so far are these adorable jadeite and pink fixtures for the laundry room. It will be great to have a first floor laundry again.

And last, but not least, plumbing.

Thank goodness I found the tub and mudroom sink on Craigslist and am able to re-use the laundry sink from the basement. There are still several choices to be made.  

I also found a company to recoat the farmhouse sink this week so it's leaving in 10 days. Poor thing got pretty dirty waiting in the garage for the last year. While I'm not necessarily thrilled that it will be shiny and almost new, I learned that once the metal is showing, continuing to use it will eventually destroy the sink so, rather than losing this fabulous 1964 sink, I'm having it restored.

There will be more "worse" for awhile. Things like demolition, excavation and deconstruction. There will also be more paint colors and tile.  I hope that you'll follow along.

Thanks so much for reading!