Recycled Baby Food Jar Easter Chick Candy Holder

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Yes, there is a yellow pom pom Easter chick candy holder made from a recycled baby food jar in the photo above. And YES, it is wearing a sparkly gold glitter crown.  Why? 

                                                                                                                                   Well.....why not?!

Sometimes, we all need a little silliness in our lives.  Something that's done purely to make someone smile.  Something that is unnecessary and really makes no a chick...wearing a crown.
Sure, the bunny is the one that most people think of  when  Easter animals are discussed.  

Children sit on the lap of the bunny, there are songs written about the bunny, and stories.  The bunny delivers baskets filled with candy...

                                                                                                                               ...and colored eggs. 

Wait a minute.    
                                                                                                                      The bunny delivers eggs?  

Everyone knows that it's the chicken who's responsible for the eggs  so this year,  the CHICKEN  is going to be the one taking center stage at our Easter dinner...

                    because CHICKS RULE! know, in a regal sort of way...with  glitter crowns!

That's right, I decided that it's time to give spring chickens their due!  Two years ago, my table was all about the bunny.  Click the link if you'd like to see the tutorial for  the upcycled baby food jar Easter Bunny candy holders that I made.  They were pretty cute but this year,  chicks are going to rule at our Easter table
                                                                                       least the table where the "little's" sit. 

To make these darling candy holders you'll need: 
A small baby food jar.
A 3 inch yellow yarn pom pom. (I made mine using the slick tool that I picked up at the craft store.) 

Yellow felt wings, orange felt feet, an orange felt beak and two black pom pom eyes.  For the record, I seriously considered goog-ly eyes. 

In fact, if I could have found the plastic container that holds them, you can bet that these chicks would have had eyes that followed you around the room but, I'm pretty sure that they're packed somewhere in the middle of the tallest stack of boxes in the dining room so instead, they have plain black pom poms for eyes. 

                                                                                                                                        Still cute, right?!

I made the crowns using a 2 inch piece of paper towel tube and some gold glitter. Then, I assembled the whole thing in about five minutes using hot glue. This left plenty of time for contemplating things like whether or not to make a fur trimmed cape for the chick candy holder..

                         ...whether the lack of hands  would stop it from being able to properly hold a scepter.

...and whether or not I should make glitter crowns for the adult members of my family to wear during Easter dinner.  I haven't decided yet but let's just say that it's under consideration.

                                             Silliness is good for the world.  Emerson said so.  

Source: Julie Song Ink
I think that this spring chick is pretty adorable filled up with yellow candy, standing in the middle of a polka dot plate, wearing a silly gold glitter crown.  Don't you? This year, embrace your silliness! Make some candy holding baby food jar chicks of your own.  They're a great Easter project to do with children, too. 

I'm also still figuring out what the rest of my Easter tablescape will look like but I can tell you that there will be polka dots and gold glitter... 

                                                    and upcycled baby food jar candy holding chicks.... wearing crowns.
and maybe at least one adult wearing a crown, too! 

Chicks Rule!