Upcycled Baby Food Jar Easter Bunny Candy Holder

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Have you ever noticed that some of the things you learned when you were very young seem to stay with you while others fade away almost immediately?  I find that it happens more often these days.

I'm crediting my sister's Grandchildren for the fact that art projects from my very early childhood have recently come flooding back and are being shared with a new generation.
                                                      ...Chemistry and Algebra/Trig, however, are  barely a fleeting memory.

Honestly, I always knew that I wasn't ever going to use Trigonometry.  I will, however, admit that the fundamentals of Chemistry have kept me out of  what could have been a couple of  really bad situations involving combining things like bleach...and ammonia.                                                                                              

But these baby food jar bunnies...sigh.  Sure,  there are those in my household who think that they're silly because they don't have a practical use. But let's face it, they are darned cute and who ever said that Easter decorating had to be practical?!

I still remember the first time that I made them.   It was a hundred years ago when I was in the first or second grade. I'm not certain whether it was in our monthly Brownie or during Catholic School art class. Baby food jar crafts were a big part of both around age 6 or 7.  Luckily for me, I had a younger brother and we had a ready supply of jars in every size.

We were recycling before it was cool...Yep...I was an "upcycling" trend setter...me, the girls from Troop 51 and the boys and girls in Sister Virginie's first grade class.   Who knew?!

The materials list was easy enough. An empty baby food jar, some Elmer's glue, a couple of cotton balls, some construction paper for ears, pipe cleaners for whiskers. I think that at one point, the bunnies may have had arms...and probably feet.  I'm sure that we filled them with jelly beans.

Of course, I've gotten a little better at them over the years and have changed the materials slightly but,  I wanted to share them with you because  they're an easy project to do with young children.   And they're far more fun than math. Heck, there's not even any math involved...unless you consider counting to two "math".

There are loads of tutorials out there. The materials are easily substituted and most are basically free. The bunnies don't have to be fancy and they're guaranteed to be fun. They make great place card holders. They help to empty out a box of jars that you probably have stashed somewhere....they're good for the environment...and mental health.

So what are you waiting for? Grab your children (or borrow someone else's) and make some of these adorable bunnies for your table.  As always, if you do make them, send me a photo I'd love to see how they turn out and I'm happy to share them on the Serendipity Refined Facebook page!

As for me, I'm off to see if the bunnies and a little Algebra will help me to raise the balance in my checking account...

The bunnies seem to have the multiplication part all figured out!

Upcycled Baby Food Jar Bunny Candy Holders


Clean baby food jars (any size) with the labels removed
Pom Poms (or cotton balls) for head and tail
Felt (and/or construction paper) for ears, nose, arms, feet, and banner
String (or pipe cleaners) for whiskers
Ribbon (or felt or yarn) for bow tie
Black yarn (or "googly" eyes) for eyes
Glue gun (or craft glue)


Glue head to the top of the lid.
Glue a ribbon to the rim of the lid. Make and attach a bow tie.
Glue tail to the back of the glass portion of the jar.
Cut and assemble ears, nose and whiskers. Glue in place.
Make name tag or banner.
Add arms and feet (optional)
Fill with candy


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