In case you were wondering what I've been up to.....

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I've done a little of this (more of the mantel in the family room):

Some of this (table scape in the dining room):

More of this:

Yes, I'm STILL stripping wallpaper.

I decided that I didn't want to resort to using chemicals unless there was no other choice so, it's taking a little longer than it probably would if I didn't mind inhaling the fumes and the over spray from a commercial wallpaper stripper. Since I sleep in this room and walk through it barefoot, I decided to try a less toxic form of removal.   I've used Hot water and white vinegar in a spray bottle and on a washcloth.  It worked but I'm not particularly good at waiting for it to do it's job so I'm probably making it more cumbersome than it needs to be.  I also tried mixing a little of my home made laundry detergent with the vinegar and water and, while it "foamed" really well when the washing soda met the vinegar, I can't say that I noticed a marked change in the effectiveness (again, probably due mainly to the fact that I'm not the most patient girl in the world.)

On Saturday, I was lamenting the process to my dear friends, Sadie and Katie. Katie said, "we have a wallpaper steamer, do you want to borrow it?"  Um... heck yes.... please......

Now, I have a steamer. It seems to work much more quickly and I am convinced that it will be AMAZING once I get the hang of it. After all, if my two friends used it to strip an entire Victorian house FULL of wallpaper, it MUST be good!

However, my bedroom project is on hold for a week because my friend Ann and her son, Ruben are coming back to visit and to help me get a few things made to sell at my friend Polly's sale in March.  At least this time we won't have to spend an entire day cleaning my studio before we get started!