Happy Thanksgiving and My Thanks to YOU!

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I'm off to spend a few days with my extended family but I wanted to take a moment to say, Thank you! 

As I count my blessings this year and take time to reflect on the amazing people with whom I share my life both physically and virtually, I hope that you know that if you are reading this, you are included in my long list of blessings. 

Thank you, each of you, for reading this blog.  For taking your time to follow along on this page or on the Facebook fan page. For purchasing the items that I've sold at markets and at the store in Downers Grove. For taking the time to read, to comment, to share my posts with your family and your friends.  These things mean more to me than I can ever possibly express. I'm so very grateful.

I continue to work, each and every day, to inspire you in some way.  Whether it's giving you the courage to try new things or to be there for you if you have a question or need help with a project. No question is unimportant.  From creating a craft, to painting furniture, to decorating your home or entertaining family and friends, helping you is why I am here.  

No matter how you spend your day, I hope that you enjoy each moment 
and know that I appreciate YOU! 

Snowy Forest Glitter Ball Ornament {Ornament Day 12}

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On the 12th Day of DIY Christmas Ornaments, I give to you, one  snowy forest glittered ball ornament.  Sure, I considered stars, wise men and angels.  To tell you the truth, I had an entirely different ornament complete but it was challenging and I wanted this final day to be an ornament that anyone can and more importantly will make.

Clothespin Snowman {Ornament Day 11}

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Happy Day 11 of the 12 days of DIY Christmas Ornaments! Is anyone still reading?!  Today we're making a  sweet clothespin snowman dressed in felt and carrying a pipe cleaner candy cane.

Mason Jar Ring Recycled Card Shadowbox {Ornament Day 10}

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Today's ornament can be made from things that you probably already have on hand: a mason canning jar lid ring and an old Christmas card.  Okay, there are a couple of other items but the majority of this project is those two things.

Bleached Pinecone Woodland Gnome {Ornament Day 9}

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Today we're making a cute little woodland gnome ornament using one of the pinecones that I bleached last year.  I had seen something similar on Pinterest last year ago but you know how that goes sometimes....

                                                                                                                             ...pin it... and forget it.

Simple Popsicle Stick Sled {Ornament Day 8}

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Have you ever made a sled out of Popsicle sticks? If you haven't, I hope that you do now.  This ornament is a great DIY to share with your children.  Adults should cut the sticks and drill the holes but grade school aged children should be able to do the assembly.

Polar Express Bell Quote Ornament {Ornament Day 7}

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When my oldest was in first grade, his favorite bedtime story book at Christmas time was, "The Polar Express."  For those of you who may not know the story, it's about a young boy who boards a magical train to the north pole on Christmas Eve. In the illustrations of the story, the young boy is wearing a plaid flannel bathrobe over his pajamas.

No Sew Felt Horse Head Candy Cane Cover {Ornament Day 6}

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Today we're making a replica of one of my favorite ornaments from my childhood: this felt horse head candy cane cover. Let me answer one question before we start: Why does it say "No Sew: when the photo shows stitching?  The answer: I chose to stitch mine.  The original was made using glue. It was lime green, a red rick rack "mane" and a gold rick rack harness.  I've updated mine just slightly so that it better matches my style.

Vintage Style Glitter Star {Ornament Day 5}

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Today, I'm continuing with a vintage vibe for this wood star ornament that features a pipe cleaner edge and a vintage sheet music rosette in addition to a simple white, silver and gold color scheme.
This ornament looks much harder to create than it actually is. The beauty is in the details!

Vintage Style Bottle Brush Tree {Ornament Day 4}

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Today I'm going to show you how to make a vintage style bottle brush Christmas tree ornament using a thread spool for the base. This gold and white miniature tree is reminiscent of ornaments from the 1940's and 1950's. It's not difficult to make but does require a bit of patience (and bright light and a good pair of tweezers!)

Gold and White Monogram Glass Ball {Ornament Day 3}

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I started things out pretty easy on days one and two of this series but today, we're going to take things up a notch. Today, we're creating a gold and white monogrammed glass ball ornament using spray paint and yes, more glitter!

Easy Gold Jingle Bell Wreath {Ornament Day 2}

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Today's gold jingle bell wreath ornament is a great easy ornament to make with children. All they need a little help from an adult to bend the wire. This adorable wreath would also make a cute napkin ring for your holiday table or a darling package tie-on for an extra special gift!

Gold Reindeer Head {Ornament Day1}

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Over the next twelve days, I'll be sharing twelve different gold and white themed, DIY Christmas ornaments. Some of them, like this gold mounted reindeer head ornament will be super simple.

                                                                 Others, well, notsomuch. (But we'll save that for next week.)

Rustic Gray and White (and Pink) Thanksgiving Table Decor

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This year, my Thanksgiving table decor is pastel. Well, not really pastel. It's gray and white and metallic, too.  I knew that I wanted something a little different this year even though I'll be setting the table and baking pies at my mom and dad's home again this year because I don't really have a working kitchen.

Super Easy Twig Place Card Holders

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I'm finishing up my Thanksgiving tablescape this week. When I got to the place card holders, I had just a few criteria:  1) quick  2) easy  3) rustic...and, as an added bonus, 4) FREE!  I gathered some fallen twigs from my yard, found my pruners, a couple of sheets of card stock, some twine, hot glue, and a little seeded eucalyptus that I had left over from my Thanksgiving centerpiece (pieces of pine, spruce or juniper would also work as would fall leaves). 

Locally Handmade Market Ticket Giveaway Winner!

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Linda Zurheide Braden
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I'll contact you today with details!

Thanks to everyone who entered!