Pottery Barn Inspired Halloween Mantel Witch Silhouette (Free Pattern)

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Yes, I do  realize that it's two days before Halloween and I'm just getting around to putting anything even vaguely related to Halloween on  my mantel. Remember my last Halloween Mantel? (More Here)

Farm House Dungeon (aka Basement Laundry Room) Before Photos

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The real estate listing sheet for the French Farmhouse said that the "Laundry Room" was in the basement. 

I thought, sure, no problem.  

                                           After all, it's probably got a window well or two to let in some sunlight.... right?  

French Farmhouse Update: How to Clean A Dishwasher and Crawl Space Excavation

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Just a quick hello to let you know that I'm still alive and that I continue to be amazed (and sometimes disgusted) by the things that I uncover here at the French Farmhouse.

Take for example, my dishwasher. Specifically, the inside  of my dishwasher.  How in the name of heaven does the inside of a dishwasher get this dirty?!  

Vintage Farm Style Wedding: Haley and Mitch

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Don't you just love weddings?
                                                                     I do.
 I mean it. I'm the kind of girl who gets teary-eyed watching television commercials of complete strangers getting married.

Fall Porch and Urn Decorations

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I did some decorating on the front porch of the French Farmhouse last week.  To be completely transparent, I did it so that the neighbors can tell that someone actually lives here now and that it's safe for children to come to the door to sell things. Take for example, things like Girl Scout Cookies...

Nellie's Barn Sale Recap: Fall, 2013

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Oh my gosh, I had an amazing weekend!  I spent Friday and Saturday in Roscoe, Illinois with a group of my junk-loving  friends and vendors at the twice yearly extravaganza known as NELLIE's BARN SALE (link here).

French Farm House Kitchen Progress: Paint and Light Fixtures

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The first room on my long list of rooms that needed painting at the French Farmhouse was the kitchen. When we took possession of the house, the walls of the kitchen and the adjacent hall which leads to the back door and basement were painted a very dark red which reminded me of tomato paste....dark red and a little shiny.

Inside The French Farmhouse: Fall Decorating with Pumpkins, Pinecones and Bittersweet

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Fall decorating continues this week at The French Farmhouse. I used a few more faux mushrooms (left over from my rustic fall grapevine mushroom wreath HERE to fill my vintage wood dough trough along with natural elements like moss and pine cones that I gathered from beneath one of the trees in my front yard.

Farmhouse Style Fall Decorating

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Fall has arrived in Illinois. The days are sunny, the skies clear and blue and the leaves are just beginning to change.  Last weekend was one of those perfect fall weekends....the temperatures were in the 70's and I was alone at the French Farm House....it was a perfect day for a road trip.