How To Replace A Garage Door Weather Seal

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DIY Home Maintenance Garage Door Weather Seal Replacement Fix

It's finally spring in the Midwest! You know...spring..when a young man's heart turns to love girl's mind turns to home maintenance.Yep, it happens.  Every now and then, I have to take a break from painting furniture, decorating our home and repurposing found items to do a little work.  Today is one of those days.  Today, I'm replacing the vinyl weather seal that goes around my garage door.

White Spray Painted Metal Patio Furniture and Tea in My Garden

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Spray painted white metal iron patio furniture spring table tea garden vintage 1

Happy Friday! I'm so happy that you stopped by today so that I can show you the "after" photos of my spray painted metal patio furniture!

Small Space Portable Gardens: Herbs and Veggies in Repurposed Containers

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Repurposed container Chicken wire grape vine basket kitchen herb portable garden

I planted the first part of my kitchen garden last weekend.  Literally...

                                     It's a garden that is, for now, resident in the east facing windows of my kitchen.

French Rooster Kitchen Lamp Chalk Paint Makeover

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Chalk paint French rooster kitchen lamp linen shade makeover

I like to think that I usually have a pretty good eye for detail but sometimes,  I've got to admit that I'm completely oblivious.

Take this lamp, for example.

Knock You Naked Brownies {Easy Recipe}

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Knock you naked easy chocolate caramel brownie  dessert recipe bake

I probably don't need to tell you that I've never found a chocolate recipe that I didn't like and that if anyone ever asked me, chocolate and caramel should be considered their own food group.

Yep. Right there on the food pyramid...up at the very a little triangle all their own.

They should be right to licorice...and gummy bears.

Knock you naked easy chocolate caramel brownie  dessert recipe bake

When I found this recipe on Group Recipes and the name of them was, "Knock You Naked Brownies" I've got to admit, they had my attention.

Wicker and Wrought Iron Patio Furniture Makeover

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Spray painted brightly colored wicker and Wrought Iron Patio furniture makeover

I've got a couple of questions for you: First, have you ever read the book by Dr. Seuss titled "One Fish, Two Fish, Red Fish, Blue Fish"?  I'm pretty sure that it was the very first book that I ever read aloud.  It was a favorite at the time.

Yarn Wrapped, "Let's Go Fly A Kite" Wreath

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Spring Summer Blue and White Yarn String Let's Go Fly A Kite Wreath DIY Make

Have you ever flown a kite?  I have. Lots of them. I think that I started when I was six or seven years old. I think that this is largely due to the fact that I was raised during the "go outside and play" years.  Yes, it's true, I was an often unwilling member of the "fresh air generation".

Home Is Where You Make It....Changes are Coming!

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Wow, that was fast!

It seems like just a few months ago that I stood with my young (and much shorter) sons watching, in amazement, as the house that formerly occupied the lot  where we were going to build our home was razed on a very cold, snowy, December morning.  The home had been a rental. It had a fire in the kitchen,  the foundation was cracked and there was no way to save it so we salvaged what we could and tore it down.

Spring Urn Planter: Tulips, Forsythia...and Bird Houses!

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Well, that's going to be a tough act to follow...

I remember those words as if it were yesterday.  Last spring, basking in the unexpected glow of several weeks in the 70's and 80's in March, I'd been inspired to create what was probably my favorite spring arrangement ever in the huge urn that sits on the stone wall in the front of my home.

Spring Tablescape with Flowers in Moss Covered Containers, Ironstone and Glass

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I've got a confession to make.  Remember the cute, Pier1 knockoff burlap bunny ear and butterfly napkin rings that I showed you last week? The ones that I was convinced were going to be a part of my Easter tablescape?  Well....they didn't make it into the final design.