Free Help with YOUR DIY Project #2: Nancy's Chalk Painted Cabinet Makeover

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I'm having a wonderful couple of weeks helping four different readers with their furniture painting projects! Today, I'm sharing chalk paint transformation number two: Nancy's dark stained armoire.  We used ASCP Provence (exterior), French Linen (interior), and dark wax on this piece.

Free Help with YOUR DIY #1: Rachel's Chalk Painted Corner Cabinet

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Things have been a little slow around the Refined home since I put most of my "projects" into a storage locker in late May.   Needless to say, it's been a three weeks and I'm looking for something to do.

Final Home Tour Photos (for now) - Our Home Staged for Sale

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Early Spring in our front yard. Photo Credit: Crawford Group - Sotheby's
Sometimes, it's fun to see our home through someone else's lens. Today, I'm sharing the real estate photos of our home as it looks today, staged for sale. I didn't take these photos. Our realtor hired someone to take them.

Happy Father's Day, Dad

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Happy Father's Day to the very first guy I ever loved...

                                                                                        my dad! 

(and to all of the other "dads", too)
 I'm proud to be your daughter and thankful for the amazing man that you are....every. single. day.

I love you,



P.S. Put your painting clothes on....I'll be there by 9 a.m.

Wonderful Saturday Wedding Details: Florals, Lanterns, Burlap and Mason Jars

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As I know I've probably mentioned several times, I have a dear friend named Sadie who is an incredibly  talented florist and who owns The English Garden Flower Shop in Clarendon Hills.

How To Make Over a Pair of Lamps for Under $20

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 Rub 'n Buff Lamp Brass to Silver Makeover by Serendipity Refined

A couple of quick and little known facts about me:
1) I can't resist a bargain.  I know, this comes as a shock to you, doesn't it?!  Okay...maybe not.
2) Sometimes, the best makeovers are those that can be completed in under an hour...usually my lunch     hour from my "day job" in corporate America.  Case in point: Today's Lamp make over.

Roadside Rescue Side Table Chalk Paint/Tinted Wax Makeover: Before and After

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Chalk painted furniture dark wax tinted wax makeover roadside rescue Serendipity Refined

Have I ever told you about Amnesty Day in our village? I know that I mentioned it a couple of weeks ago on Facebook and I'll bet that some of you wondered what in the heck I was referring to while others of you who know me and who happen to live in the Western Chicago 'burbs probably just laughed to yourselves...

Before and After: La Craie Gray and White French Painted Cabinet Makeover

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By now you probably know that I LOVE painted furniture...especially when it's French!  I also love a good before and after so I'm especially glad that you stopped by today because I'd love to tell you all about my very first experience with La Craie paint and to introduce you to my latest "junk to jewel" painted French furniture Linnea.

Family Room Reveal: Coastal or Eclectic?

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Coastal Eclectic Family Room by Serendipity Refined

I realized today that I don't really have a "style"....well, not just one style, anyway.  My style changes... sometimes daily.  Today, I'm sharing my coastal eclectic family room.  I decided that it's probably more eclectic than coastal...  
               especially in light of the fact that the nearest body of water is the pond, in the park,  a block away.