Black and Yellow Summer Decor Ideas

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Today I'm sharing some mid-summer decorating. Think black and white...and Yellow!

This is my favorite part of summer. The part immediately after the Fourth of July. For me, that's when things calm down at work and I get to actually enjoy summer.  I love the heat. The humidity, well, not-so-much. It's the family vacation, going to the beach, sailing, biking, picking summer flowersand produce, and sunshine part of summer that I adore. It's the part of summer where the red, white, and blue decor from the 4th of July gives way to a celebration of  my somewhat checkered past.  However, it's not as black and white as it may seem. I succumb to bad humor sometimes, I could blame it on the heat but it's more about me than mercury.
I've always loved black and white. I've had at least a few black and white buffalo checks in every kitchen that I've ever had, all the way back to my very first apartment. My taste has changed over the years, but my love of black and white (with punches of yellow and green thrown in for good measure), has not.
In the dining room, Jadeite "Jane Ray", Mackenzie-Childs, and vintage marmalade jars join the edited collection of  ironstone on the hutch. Vintage linens from my first kitchen, 30 years ago, are retrieved from drawers in the pantry for display

 On the cabinet in the dining room, photographs of favorite summers, long past.
Gentle reminders about integrity, achievement, and other life advice is scattered throughout our home during the long days of summer when life moves slowly enough for people to actually read them. My Grandmother's typewriter (a recent gift from my mom), with a quote by one of my favorite authors, sits on the cabinet just inside the front door.  Old alarm clocks, and a few of my old paint brushes join summer flowers, picked from my garden also bid family,as well as guests, "Welcome".
 Hydrangea, solidago, daisies, sun flowers, larkspur, snapdragons and Queen Ann's lace in one of my ironstone pitchers.

 In the kitchen strands one of my favorite pieces:  my Grandmother's butcher's block,  made for her by my Grandfather. It was given to me by my parents when we moved into our current home (where I finally had room for it).  I wood burned and hand painted the designs ten years ago. I still love it today. Each side is a little different.
You'll see parts of it often, in posts that I write. I use it every day for chopping or for extra counter space (or for painting lamps made from paint stirs).  I smile every time I look at it because it's a little reminder me of my checkered past, sitting right here in my present, reminding me of family, and friends, and reminding all of us about the gift of bee-ing yourself!
I love my black white and yellow summer decor and I hope that you're enjoying a relaxing Sunday as much as I am. I'm thrilled and thankful that we finally have "cooler" weather. I never thought that I'd call 90 degrees "cool" but it's a vast improvement over what we've had for the last week and I'll take it!



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