Kitchen Progress: When One Thing Leads to Another

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When my sons were small, we read. A lot.

One of their favorite books was "If You Give a Mouse a Cookie" by Laura Numeroff.

In case you haven't read it, it's the story of a young boy who shares a cookie with a mouse setting off an entire chain of events that keeps the boy busy all day long, and potentially for days to come. If you give a mouse a cookie, after all, he's most certainly going to ask for a glass of milk, for which he'll absolutely need a straw and, of course a get the idea.

The story of repainting my kitchen is going kind of like that. I could write a book (or a blog post) called, "If you Give a Girl a Paintbrush." It would read:

If you give a girl a paintbrush, she'll paint the kitchen Grey. Benjamin Moore "Gray Horse" Grey.

When she's finished, she'll decide that the window treatments are far too fancy and have too much red. So she'll call her friend and choose fabric for new valances (just the valance an not the shade part, because she's thrifty... and she can already see where this is going...can't you?!)

While she's ordering the fabric, she'll look at the kitchen table and decide that the red on the table legs and back of the chairs really needs to go, too. (Add a painting project to the list, immediately behind the valances.)

Once she paints the table grey (before Thanksgiving), she's probably going to want new rugs....
and to paint the soffit and hang up silver trays and ironstone platters.

So you can see, my "simple paint job" has turned into several other projects which, of course, I'll share with you as they're completed but for now, I'm happy with the paint.

And doing a little fall decorating.