DIY Chalkboard Wall Calender

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Dear Thistlewood Chalkboard Wall Calender,

You big hunk (of amazing roadside rescue "junk"), I adore you.  I want you. No, wait,  I need you in my life.

I've loved you since the first time that I set eyes on you as I looked over Kimberly's shoulder while she was reading about you on The Thistlewood Farm Blog.  I noticed you immediately. There, in the family room, quietly observing from behind the sofa. Standing watch over all those pillows.

Photo from Thistlewood Farms

You have such presence. I knew immediately that you're strong and that you have a very important job as the keeper of schedules for the entire Thistle family. You're like the chalkboard version of Carson from Downton Abbey...                                            

I confess, I was immediately and hopelessly smitten. I was drawn to you like the fine, white, chalk dust that clings to and covers my ledges, the floor and everything within 18 inches of the wall on which I hang.

Oh Thistlewood chalkboard, you've seen and done so much in your lifetime. Your past is so much more colorful than my own but I don't care. It doesn't bother me that you used to be a  window.

My dear Thistlewood Chalkboard Calender, it's that very thing that I find most intriguing about you.  My life has been boring by comparison. Further, I'm not certain that a chalkboard calender of your pedigree would even consider one whose lineage consists mainly of pine from the local lumber yard but if it matters, I am,  part sideboard.

It's top was once the valance for a vintage sideboard that was made into the vanity in the Refined's powder room so at least  part of me has some history.

I'll admit that I've lead such a sheltered life. I've never felt the rain on my wood or lain on the curb looking up at the night sky.

Sure, I know that people will talk.  I realize that I'm much younger than you.  I know that I didn't exist at all until last week but there are plenty of older men who date younger women.

Just look at Lady Edith and Anthony Strallan. Oh wait...maybe we shouldn't use them as an example. After all, it didn't really end well, did it?

And of course I know that the fact that I live in another state makes it difficult for us to see each other in person.  Or, for that matter to get to know each other at all....but I won't give up hope.

The Refined's will move one day and I'll go with them.  So you see, my darling Chalky, we could end up living in the same state...
                                                                                                                   might happen.

Until then, my strong, handsome, Thistlewood chalkboard calender,  I'll be watching for you; hoping to catch a glimpse of you in the background of a story about a sofa pillow or a table that has come to live in the family room with you.  I hope that you'll look for me, too...

I'll be right here on the wall in Kimberly's office keeping track of her life...and dreaming of you.

Yours with stars in my eyes (and chalk dust everywhere else),

Serendipity Refined's Chalkboard Calender

P.S. There's this long, skinny chalk board that hangs (around) in Kimberly's studio...he's far too new for me. I told him that I'm "taken". I hope that you don't mind.

If you'd like to make your own giant, love struck, chalkboard wall calender, here's the materials list and directions. Just be forewarned that the Thistlewood Chalkboard Calender is off limits. 

Chalkboard Wall Calender 

Materials List:

(Ripped from 1x12x8ft stock: NOTE: these are the actual dimensions they are not "stock sizes")

  • (2) 1"x2"x7 ft Face Frame (horizontal)
  • (2) 1"x2"x5 ft Face Frame (horizontal)
  • (2) 1"x4"x7 ft Back Frame
  • (2) 1"x4"x5 ft Back Frame
  • (4) 1/2"x1"x7 ft Cross Bars (horizontal)
  • (8) 1/2x1x5 ft Cross bars (to cut for vertical pieces)
  • 4x6 ft piece of 1/4 inch plywood (clear on one side
  • Black Chalk board paint
  • Frame Paint (I used Annie Sloan Chalk paint in Old White, French Linen and French Grey)
  • (2) 50 lb Mirror hangers
  • (2) 75 lb Hooks
  • Brad Nailer or 1 inch nails


Build a 1x4 base frame with 45 degree mitred corners Lay the 1x2 face frame on top of the 1x4 base frame with the outside edges flush and nail the 1x2 frame to the 1x4 frame. Paint the frame and the remaining 1x1/2 inch stock using the color(s) of your choice.
Sand the clear side of the plywood and paint, using Chalkboard paint. Place the painted plywood inside the frame (1x2 on top) and nail in place. This allows you approximately 2 inches of 1x4 under the plywood to nail to and provides a wider frame on the back so that the plywood doesn't twist. Measure and nail the horizontal strips, 1 inch wide and 1/2 inch thick, on top of the plywood. They should end up flush with the outside of the 1x2 frame (3/4 inch thick 1x2 minus 1/4 inch plywood = 1/2 inch thick dividers).  I divided mine into 7 sections horizontally and 5 sections vertically. Cut and nail the vertical strips.
Add labels for the  days of the week if desired. (I made mine using wood ovals from the craft store).
I also added an extra 1x2 and a "found" valance to the top for decoration. (optional).
Finished size (including the valance) 5 feet tall and 6 feet wide. Without the extra valance, 51 inches by 6 ft.

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