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White Tan Formal Living Room Molding Window seat Fireplace vintage

I realized this morning as I was walking to the kitchen  trying to make my way past the boxes to pack lunch for my youngest that our formal living room is one of my favorite rooms in our home.

Do you want to know why?

                                                                                                        It's not what you might think......

If you're guessing that it's because I've never found a pair of stinky socks on the floor under the piano or because my sons never ate ice cream sitting on the white sofa, you're wrong...

I have...and they did...more than once....

I've come to love this room for lots of reasons over the  years....like the rest of our home, this room tells a story.

From  the aforementioned ice cream on the sofa and spontaneous holiday piano recitals during Easter and Christmas (as well as random Wednesday afternoons and Tuesday mornings) to the fact that I see this room from my office all day long, our formal living room holds some wonderful memories.

It has my Great Grandparents' sofa and chair and my mother-in-law's table and artwork. It's got the family tree  that my youngest and I made for a third grade project. I remember him punching out the leaves while I twisted the wire. I remember talking about our family and him deciding that his "leaf" should be a silver one.

Creative Family Tree Project

The living room window seat is  the place where my sons and I read more books than I can count and where we watched, as over twenty five different types of birds bathe and raise their own "children" (yes, we were bird watchers). 

It also became the perch from which Martha Stewart (our lab) watched over the front yard and where  I taught my sons the names of the different types of trees and flowers in our garden.

In this room is the chair where I sat....listening to the "Tom Tom" song over...and over

                                                                           ....and over....
                                                                                                         as my sons learned to play piano.

It's the very same chair in which I sat as my oldest played the Canon in D for me for the very first time

   ....and where I listed to my youngest teach himself to play the theme song from the Disney/Pixar movie, Up,  last summer.   Yep...those are finger prints on the piano...from my sons...making music.

I suppose that I could wipe them off...but right now, when my oldest is leaving the state for a summer internship in two days and my youngest is about to graduate from high school, I'm cherishing those finger prints...and the times that they're sitting down to play for a minute or two.

Thanks for letting me tell you a little bit about our living room. It's  one of the smallest rooms in the house but, like the rest of our home, it holds a whole bunch of memories...of my sons playing piano, and taking homecoming photos, and finding friends playing piano in the middle of a 4th of July gathering....

                                                                                             and today, having YOU stop by for a visit.


P.S. If you'd like to see more of our home, please visit our HOME TOUR.

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