A Quick Hello! and some "Undecorating" Photos

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Hi! I've missed you! As you can see from these photos, I've been a little busy "un-decorating" our current home and getting ready to move.  Closing at the French Farm Project is set for next Wednesday at 11 a.m. and as of that time, we'll officially have TWO homes a period of just over a month.

During those 34 days, I'll be putting a fresh coat of paint on most of the interior of the French Farm House (oh...and working full time).

In the middle of all of this, we'll be moving one son to college on August 15th and the other one on August 23rd. After that, I'll finish packing our current home and moving the small stuff with the larger pieces being taken to the Farm house sometime around September 2nd.

So, right now, my life looks pretty much like what you see here.  The down: most of my supplies for crafting are in a box somewhere which is making doing projects near impossible.  The upside: I no longer feel compelled to dust or vacuum.

I've been choosing paint colors for the French Farm House kitchen cabinets...here's a hint: it's a color...and it's not white!!!  I hope to start painting next Wednesday afternoon and I'll share a sneak peek or two when I can.

In the mean time, I'm packing and having utilities turned on ....and learning about Lime Washing Brick and a really cool Benjamin Moore water borne oil paint made especially for painting cabinets that I can't wait to show you!!!

Talk to you next week!