"Window Treatments" My First 48 Hours at the French Farm Project

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I thought that you may be interested to see the "window treatments" that were included when I took custody possession of the French Farm Project on Wednesday.  

In the kitchen, a 30 foot long piece of fabric (not sewn) draped across the window and held up by nails, twine and rubber bands.  If you look on the right, where the knot or "rosette" was still intact, it probably didn't look bad at some point.  

But when I saw the house, for the first time, It looked like this:

I wonder how long it had been that way.  What I learned:  you don't need to know how to sew and you don't need fancy hardware to make window treatments.  You do, however, need to change your rubber bands and re-tie your twine from time to time.

How about these beauties in the dining room!? Again, just lengths of fabric, artfully draped across the window and knotted  "asymmetrically"??? at the bottom. They used the same rubber bands, twine and wire as were used in the kitchen but this time, they were fastened to a really cool (I'm not kidding) 1950's traverse rod that I'm going to keep if I can remove the 4 layers of paint from it.  

Truly, WHO PAINTS CURTAIN RODS!? I don't get it.  Then there were these beauties in the former "master" bedroom which will become my son's new room.

Um....what can I really say about these?!  They'renot quite the direction that I'm going with my decor...

Lastly, the breezeway which will become the mudroom:

Believe it or not, I saved these.  I'm going to hose the spider webs off of them and make a wreath out of them .

That's it. I spent the first day, removing draperies, tearing out carpet and getting the first coat of paint on the kitchen and back entry hall.

Yesterday, the locksmith came to change the locks, I finished painting the kitchen and started in the dining room. Today, the electrician is coming to figure out why the door bell and the whole house fan don't work and to inspect the wiring so that I can begin to change the outlets from "non-grounded" to "grounded".

This is the "non-glamorous" part of the project. It's long deferred maintenance on the property which is eating  up large chunks my time but needs to be taken care of  so that we'll be safe here.   I hope that you'll stick around because I'll be back to share some pretty things on Monday.

You see, the new owners of 127 purchased my kitchen and breakfast room furniture which meant that I got to go shopping and it's being delivered THIS MORNING!!!!

Have a wonderful weekend.