Easy Valentine's Cupcake and Cookie Party

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I love Valentine's Day!  Heck, let's be honest, I love pretty much any day that gives me a reason to bake pretty food, set a pretty table, and celebrate the people that are closest to me.  Especially when the pretty food consists only of sweets...cupcakes and cookies and, of course, chocolate.

I look for reasons to get out my lace table cloth and put some candy into little bowls to be served with silver spoons and those adorable little pink and white polka dot paper cups....
                                                                                  .....or just scooped onto a plate by one of my "guys!"

I take full advantage of days like Valentine's day (and Yes, sometimes Ground Hog's Day....I'm not too proud to admit that)  to bake a batch of  Semi-homemade Strawberry Cupcakes (recipe HERE) and put them onto plates tied with pink ribbon.

And if there's a chance to hang a tiny banner that says "amour"  from wooden skewers stuck in vanilla cupcakes or to put punched out paper hearts on the top of them....

                                                            Count.      Me.     IN!

I'm a sucker for romance. I'm also  a sucker for fluffy, pink feather heart wreaths with glittered "X's and O's" like the one that I showed you how to make HERE and truly, if I can find a reason to fill little glass bottles with milk and matching paper straws...
                                                       I'm SO going to do it!

So, even if this impromptu Valentine's day party wasn't super easy to create using only two batches of cupcakes, two batches of shortbread cookies, and anything chocolate that I could find in the "Valentine's Day Candy" aisle at the market;  I still would have loved doing  it...

                                                       because it shows the people that I love that they're special to me.

You know......kind of like how jewelry....or flowers....
                                             or a new Kreg Jig (hint, hint)....would show me how special I am to them.

I'm sharing this  with you early so there's still time for you to create your own quick and easy Valentine's day dessert party. I'm taking Friday off to spend time with the men in my life.

Have a wonderful Valentine's day and know that I love and appreciate YOU and I'm thrilled and grateful that you're here!