Easy Crochet Throw Blanket Pattern

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When my youngest son  made his Christmas list this year I thought that I pretty much knew what would be on it. A couple of new t-shirts,  khaki pants, a pair of jeans, socks, a sweater. Standard issue, 20-something year old, college guy stuff. 

When I opened the email just after he went back to school from Thanksgiving break, I realized that I was right....

                                                                        ...for the most part.

All of the items above were on the list complete with Internet sites where they are sold and photographs.  There was also a request for some special straps that he uses when he lifts weights, a couple of books and a fancy USB device that allows him to play movies directly from his computer to his television which for some reason doesn't have an analog port. Don't ask me, I was the recipient of this list, not the maker

As I continued reading,  I was nodding my head and thinking to myself, "Wow, Christmas shopping for this guy was going to be super simple this year".  I reached the bottom of the list and printed a copy.  When I removed it from the printer, I glanced at it again and it was then that I saw it neatly typed at the top of the page after the heading "Cole's Christmas Wish List",

                           1) A blanket that mom makes for me.

I thought to myself, Really?! Comeon!  An entire blanket?!  In the next three weeks?! If you follow Serendipity Refined on Facebook, you know that I had a bad case of the "crud" before the holidays. This means that the blanket didn't get finished started before Christmas

                                                                          .....and almost not before New Year's.

But a little over a week ago, the craft store had yarn on sale for 55% off and my son and I had a rare moment of simultaneous "free time" so we went to the store and chose yarn and, on New Year's Eve, I started his blanket. There wasn't a pattern. I just chained "a bunch" and started making ripples.  I worked on it over the long weekend and in the evenings with the goal of finishing it by January 11th when he goes back to college. I vowed that I wouldn't do any other craft projects until this one was finished.

Mission accomplished...

                                                                         ...with a couple of days to spare!  (and just in time for the polar vortex that's hovering over northern Illinois this week).

I did my best to figure out the "pattern" for what I made so, here goes! Let me assure you that this is not difficult to make. It has two  stitches: "Chain" (CH) and "Single Crochet" (SC). That's it! 

Note: If you make this blanket and find that there's a mistake in my directions, please let me know. I'm not too proud to make corrections!

Simple Single Crochet Ripple Blanket


Size "P" Crochet Hook
Eighteen  4.5 oz (268 yards each) of 4 ply yarn. *I used acrylic because this is going to college.
2 skeins medium gray (Used on both ends)
2 skeins heather gray (Used on both ends)
1 skein navy
1 skein heather blue
2 skeins ivory (Used on both sides)
2 skeins heather oatmeal (Used on both sides)
1 skein red
1 skein heather red
1 skein dark gray
1 skein heather black/brown/gray
1 skein sage green
1 skein heather green
1 skein turquoise
1 skein heather turquoise

If you follow the directions below, the blanket will end up approximately 44 inches wide and almost 8 feet long. My son is 6'4" tall so I made it long. You can shorten by simply doing fewer rows of each color.


Holding 2 strands together in the order shown above make a slip knot and CH 134.
Row 1: Working through both loops, beginning in the second chain from the hook, SC in each of the next six chains. In the next chain make 3 SC. *SC in each of the next 5 chains, skip 2 chains, SC in each of the next 5 chains, 3 SC in the next chain*.   Ten "ripples".
Repeat *  * until 7 stitches remain, SC in each stitch, CH 1 and turn.
Row 2: Working through both loops, SC 2 together, *SC in each of the next 5 stitches, 3 SC in the next stitch, SC in each of the next 5 stitches, skip 2 stitches.*  Repeat *  * until 7 stitches remain, SC in each stitch, chain 1 and turn.
Repeat Row 2 16 times (or more or less, I kept going until I was near the end of the skein and made all of the color changes on the same side of the piece.  

I'm excited that I was finally able to make my son a blanket "for Christmas". But the really important part for me is that my 20 year old son wanted a blanket that I made.  That is the part that touches my heart the most and the very best Christmas gift that I could have received. I'm driving him back to college on Sunday morning.  This means that I 'll be lonely and will have lots of free time to make Valentine's Day projects beginning next week! 

Thanks so much for visiting today.