10 Minute Makeover: Annie Sloan Chalk Paint and Miss Mustard Seed White Wax

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                                                                     Ten minutes.  

That's exactly how long it took for me to make over the frames on these two fabulous owl prints using Annie Sloan chalk paint in "Graphite" and some Miss Mustard Seed White Wax.  

                                                                          Ten minutes.... including the four minutes that it took me to put the tape around them so that I didn't make a big mess all over the glass.

I love a good "before and after" makeover, don't you?! Especially one that was completed in the amount of time that it took for my dog to eat breakfast on Saturday morning.  To tell you the truth, I "found" these fabulous prints when I was cleaning out the two front bedrooms at the farmhouse last weekend. I got them a couple of years ago at Nellie's Barn Sale and promptly forgot about them. 

We moved, they got put in the guest room closet, more stuff got piled in front of them, my son moved in...and then out
                                                                                                  and I never thought of them again...

Until last weekend when I unearthed them (along with a really cool old mirror and two boxes of china that I was looking for at Christmas time).

Yes, living in my home during a major rehab really is that bad but I'm "finding" such fun stuff as I clean out rooms prior to demolition. I can't wait to see what's under the boards in the attic (you know...some day when the temperature gets above zero).

Since the AS graphite  chalk paint was still in the kitchen from the coffee table makeover a couple of weeks ago, )and since I was looking for a reason not to move one more box), I gave them a quick makeover.

There was no sanding, no prep at all (other than dusting). I gave them two quick coats of ASCP which dried while I took the dog for her morning 100 yard walk down the street and back (hey, it's cold here...the fact that I voluntarily to outside at all is an accomplishment).

After the paint was dry, I sanded lightly with a fine sanding block being careful not to sand through to the orange paint. I applied MMS white wax with a soft cloth and wiped off most of it except in the grooves in the frame.  

I really love the way these owl prints look in their new, rustic, graphite and white frames. Not that orange was bad...it just didn't fit my decor.  

Of course, I'm not sure that these will have a home at the farmhouse or if I'll sell them, but spending a few minutes making them over using Annie Sloan Paint and Miss Mustard Seed wax that I already had on hand gave me a much needed break before I embarked on my other before and after of the weekend:

Did I mention that I got a steel wrecking bar as a Valentine's day gift?