A Quick Hello, More Farmhouse "Parts" and a French "Lady"

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I've been a little quiet lately here on the blog.  Part of that is because my full time job has been crazy busy as our company is preparing to migrate to a new computer system and my department is involved.  I'll be spending a week in Atlanta for training in the beginning of May and am hoping to do a little farmhouse shopping while I'm there as well. 

In the mean time, I continue to scour Craigslist, Estate Sales, Local Shops, Ebay and Etsy slowly checking things off of the monstrous list of "parts" that I'm searching for for the farmhouse. All it takes is some patience, a little flexibility, and a healthy dose of vision.   

Last week's haul included a cool wood and wrought iron chandelier for the pantry, a great lantern fixture that may end up in the foyer, three wonderful copper pendant lights for above the island in the kitchen and two brand new Kohler sinks (still in the original boxes) for the master bathroom. 

The garage studio is slowly filling up with bits and pieces that currently don't make any sense to any one but me....like the crusty black shutters that will hang on the wall in the stable hall behind the Irish Pine bucket bench that's currently in the hall way. Or the French cabinet that you see behind them which may or may not end up as the sink base in the first floor powder room. There's stuff....lots of stuff....which brings me to this:

Probably my favorite find of the last couple of weeks is this vintage French bronze towel holder. Sure, it's quirky, and Victorian, and not at all farmhouse but it is French and vintage.  When I look at this lovely bronze lady, rather than a fancy Victorian lady I see a milk maid....
                                                                                                                                           ....so sue me.

Since I've chosen unlacquered brass for many of the fixtures at the farmhouse, I'm hoping that this lovely lady will feel right at home in the powder room on the first floor.

I envision her on the wall above a fabulous vessel sink resting on a furniture piece that I've converted into a vanity holding lovely linen guest towels. Yep, that's what I see....

Not my current reality which involves my lovely French milkmaid towel holder temporarily mounted on the wall in the kitchen holding two Christmas towels that for some reason never got packed and are the only ones that I could find which are decent enough for public viewing...
                                                                         I know that you share my vision...

                                                                                                                          You do, right?

Thanks so much for reading!