Farmhouse 4th of July Foyer Decorating

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Last week I did a little red white and blue 4th of July decorating in the foyer.  It all started because I finally cleaned my studio to the point that I was able to find the hooks and hang the giant, heavy mirror that used to belong my grandparents.  I can't tell you how good it feels not to have that beast leaning against the table in the dining room any more!

I'm not sure that this is the mirror's forever home but for now, I love the light that it reflects (and the fact that hanging the mirror gave me a spot to also hang the reclaimed pediment that has been on the mantel since probably March).
 I still haven't found the final box of 4th of July decorations but I'll admit that I haven't really looked for them.  This year, I've decided to use what I have found and spend time installing the last of the outdoor lighting and getting ready to start on the interior trim, instead.
A vintage red toy truck that was a gift from a dear friend, some old wooden alphabet blocks, and a children's book are easy ways to add a sense of history and familiarity to my decorating. I've found that lately, I tend to "shop the house" to find things that fit a particular color scheme or holiday rather than purchasing new items.
Seeing everyday things that I already own in different ways and using them as seasonal decor is something that I've learned to do over the years but I'm especially focused on this year. Let's face it, I'd have to rent a storage locker to be able to house a collection of seasonal decor for every single holiday and, frankly, the thought of having another storage locker when I spent the last year emptying two of them makes me want to lie down with a cool cloth on my forehead.  
You may also have noticed that my beloved collection of ironstone pitchers make perfect holders for flags, flowers, branches and Christmas trees and you may recognize that red truck from Christmas a few years ago.  Decorating for holidays, especially the 4th of July, doesn't have to be difficult. Simply group a few red, white, and blue items together on a table or in a corner; add a couple of flags and voilĂ ! Instant decor!
Having this simple red white and blue 4th of July decor to greet guests in the foyer makes me smile....of course, so does having a light outside of the back door so that I can make sure that no skunks surprise the dog when I let her out but that's a story for another day!

Happy Summer and thanks for reading!