Christmas Decorations. In October. Don't be a Grinch!

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Yes, I realize that it's October 10th and that it's still about eleven weeks before Christmas. I've been accused of rushing the season and of not taking time to enjoy Halloween and to pay respect to Thanksgiving but that's not it at all!  Yes, It's October and I'm thinking about Christmas decorations for this year.These were our decorations a couple of years ago.

The base wreaths are those that I purchased at Costco ten years ago. The garlands and trees are twenty years old. I just change what's on them every two to three years.

I start to plan new themes a year in advance so that I can take advantage of 80% off after Christmas sales to amass the supplies for the following year. Just to give you an idea of the savings, the ribbon, plastic ornaments and other supplies that I used to make everything that you see in this post cost just under $100.

Planning ahead also allows me the time to make things.  Like a replica of the Grinch, 

...and Cindy Lou, and, of course, Max.

 It also allows me to make faux "candy" for in the window boxes and to tie more bows than I can count which get wired onto wreaths, and garland, and trees.

When I change theme, I un-wire everything, dispose of what's too faded or weather worn to reuse, and then give the bows and ornaments to my sister, who works her own special brand of magic and reconfigures them into decorations for her home in the following year.

So you see, I'm not really rushing the season, and I'm certainly not a Grinch.

When it comes to Christmas, I'm not like the Grinch at all.  In fact,

I like to think that I'm more like Cindy Lou...with darker hair.

Sources for supplies used:
Wreaths and Garland: Costco, Kmart, Wannemakers
Ribbon: Hobby Lobby and Costco
Plastic ornaments and snowflakes: Target and Walmart 80% and 90% off
Cindy Lou, Grinch and Max: Cut from 1/4 inch plywood and painted by me. Sealed with polyurethane.