Shamrock Wreath

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Poor St. Patrick's Day. As holidays go, you're pretty unlucky.  In fact, no matter what they say about the "luck of the Irish", you really didn't choose a very good time of year to celebrate.

Oh sure, there are a couple of displays of green and gold at the local craft stores and I've tried, really tried, to like the orange and green flags..but really, orange at this time of year doesn't fit my decor.

I'll admit it, I'm hopelessly drawn to the rows and rows of brightly colored spring flowers. The tulips and daffodils whisper about spring from huge displays in the center of the aisle.

The baskets and bags full of  Easter grass call to me and remind me about Easter, and Mother's Day, and Teacher's gift baskets...all of which they'd love to be used for. There's even an aisle full of every shade of plastic eggs that I could possibly imagine in six, yes, I said SIX different sizes!

And then there are the chicks. Truly, I can not resist the chicks all fuzzy and fluffy and new ...and the bunnies... don't even get me started on the bunnies.

But this year, St. Patrick's Day... this year things will be different. This year, I've got a wreath on my back door proudly displaying my heritage in all of its green and gold glory.

I'm cooking corned beef and cabbage (mainly because I want the leftovers for reuben sandwiches) and I've even got my cute leprechaun socks.

So I'm celebrating you., St. Patrick's Day, from today right up until March 18th. Because let's be honest, on March 18th, I'm all about the chicks.

Materials to make your own Shamrock Wreath
1 wire wreath form $0.99 from  Goodwill
4 packages of Dollar Tree Foam Shamrocks $4
2 packages gold "coins" Hobby Lobby $1.99 with coupon

Scatter shamrocks in different directions around the wire form. Hot glue them onto the form. Top with Gold coins...and celebrate!



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