Flowers for an Autumn Wedding: Pinecones, Roses, Burlap and Cotton

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Every now and then, I'm invited to be a part of something magical. This week is one of those amazing times. Sometimes the magic involves pine cones, roses, raw cotton, and burlap. Other times, it involves the phone company.

Don't worry, today we're not discussing the fact that, after almost five weeks, I finally have telephone and Internet service at the French Farm House (although that has been one of the highlights of the last two days as I slowly claw my way back to CIVILIZATION...more on that story later). Today, I'm talking about the flowers for Haley and Mitch's Autumn wedding this Friday evening.

In a little over 48 hours, the son of a very dear friend will marry his childhood sweet heart in an outdoor ceremony, on a farm, just outside of my home town.  It'll be filled with antique lace, burlap and vintage touches.  It will be filled with love.

The bridesmaids are wearing champagne colored dresses....and ruffled wraps which were hand dyed by the groom's mom in the softest shade of charcoal grey.  There will  be galvanized pails, filled with wild flowers, burlap covered tables and candle light.

Most importantly, there will be a gathering of a group of friends and relatives who will be there as Mitch makes the girl that he's known since he was a little boy his wife and as Haley marries the man of her dreams.

They trusted me to arrange the flowers for the bridal party. To say that I was honored would be an understatement.  The bouquets are a combination of dried elements and silks. Pine cones, raw cotton and preserved roses are mixed with ferns, wheat, and ivory hydrangea to form the various bouquets and boutonnieres.

The bouquets have collars made from burlap and they're hand tied with silk ribbon in shades of grey and ivory.  I love the contrast of the more formal elements with the casual flowers.

I'll share more photos of the wedding and the banner that I'm making later in the week. Right now, I may telephone my mom...or watch the afternoon news.

Sometimes, small joys are those that mean the wedding bouquets made from simple pine cones and cotton and burlap...

like Haley and Mitch, standing in a field on a Friday afternoon pledging their love for each other....

and, for the rest of us, like sharing the magic that happens when love is in the Autumn air and you're lucky enough to be a part of it!


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