DIY Holiday Peppermint Wreath: Dollar Tree Craft

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Nothing quite says, Merry Christmas like a grease spatter screen... truly. When I thought about holiday decorating as I found myself wandering through the Dollar Tree on Monday night, I knew almost immediately that I was going to need a grease spatter screen.

I suppose that I could have used the one that I already had on hand but the thought of the smell of fried onion along with the peppermint just didn't fit with the whole visions of sugar plums vibe that I had in my I splurged and spent the extra dollar.

In case you've never heard of a splatter screen, it's a mesh cover meant to go over a frying pan to help to minimize the splatter from frying foods. In my home, there's usually onion and often bacon involved.

Now that I'm learning to cook on an electric cook top, this screen comes in handy for pretty much everything including eggs over easy and sometimes sauteed veggies...especially since I haven't quite mastered the whole temperature thing. With that said, supplies for this project will cost $7...including a brand new splatter screen (which will be sacrificed to make this project) you might want to get two.

Step 1: remove the screen from the ring.  Briefly consider whether there's anything that you can use the screen for....decide to save it because there might be a Christmas craft that includes screen and you'll need it. Add it to the pile of crap supplies already partially blocking the door between the breezeway and the dining room.

Step 2: Cut the curling ribbon into 5 to 6 inch lengths. Trust me...wrap it around a book and cut it in half. This will save you hours over measuring and cutting each piece with a ruler. 

                                                                Don't ask.               I'm a first born and my dad is an engineer.

Step 3: Tie the ribbon tightly around one end of the candy and then tie it to the wreath. Push the candies close together. You may want to curl the left over ribbon rather than cutting it. I chose to cut mine short because I like seeing just the peppermints.

Step 4: Near the end, attach a double loop of ribbon to be used to hang the wreath.

Step 5: Stand back, admire your work. Try to decide on the best place to hang your wreath.

Wonder aloud if you should have gotten the cute green peppermints too.

Consider the pros and cons of making a red and green wreath.

Decide that you have other things to do that will probably preclude making another peppermint wreath...things like getting the 48 inch loom out of the middle of the living room so that guests won't have to stand when they visit or try to watch the television.

Thank the quality control department for ensuring that the mints were fresh and unbroken. Remind them that it would have been helpful if they had performed their testing prior to the completion of the wreath. Tie on a few more mints to fill in the spaces.

Add a piece of grosgrain ribbon (after pressing it) which for some reason ended up in the junk drawer in the kitchen.

                                                                Hang your wreath in the kitchen near the door and smile.....

...because you know that your $7 Dollar Tree Peppermint Wreath was made from a splatter screen...

                                        and that you, your family, and your holiday guests will have minty fresh breath... least until the week after Thanksgiving!


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