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Thursday, November 7, 2013

Pottery Barn Inspired Christmas Countdown Calender Pillow

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Yes, It's November 7th and I'm sharing a Christmas project. Hey, it's not just me!...Pottery Barn's Christmas catalog has been out for a couple of weeks and when I came across their adorable Advent Calender Lumbar Pillow (known in my house as a Christmas Countdown Calender), I knew immediately that I needed one.

Of course, after my sister drove an hour and a half in each direction to deliver the vintage pine cabinet that I purchased at Nellie's Barn Sale in October, I decided that she  probably needed one more than I did.

                                                                          Isn't it darling?!

 I looked a the photo and decided that it wouldn't be too difficult to make.  Straight lines, a few zigzag's, a bunch of pressing and some stenciling.  That doesn't sound difficult, right?! That's what I thought....before I forgot how to count.

 Really, sometimes I just need to SLOW DOWN!  I thought that I'd be a smarty pants and save time by skipping the next row while the other numbers dried so that they wouldn't be smudged by the stencil.

An hour and a half later, let me just say, thank heavens for bleach pen!  and Yes, I actually did stop to photograph the mistake...
                  ...right in the middle of trying to remove the paint....with bad kitchen lighting.

It wasn't really all that tough to make...other than the disappearing ink...that didn't...even after 24 heartfelt thanks to whomever invented , bleach pen.

At some point, when faced with the possibility of starting completely over, I tried to come up with a "no sew" version. Yep, I was desperate.  I did come to my senses when I realized that glue probably wouldn't hold up to young children trying to put the star into the correct pocket....not even hot glue.

So, if you don't sew, bribe convince a friend to make one for've got a couple of days to work on it!  Stay tuned for a tutorial with written directions for how to make one of your very own.

Math, however,  is a prerequisite...counting is at least seven....or maybe NINETEEN!

Seriously!?  This project was beginning to feel like the DIY version of Christmas Vacation....and I was starting to feel like Clark Griswold....waiting for someone to flip on the light switch and end the madness.

Now that it's finally finished, I love how the ticking striped fabric peeks out from behind the pom pom trim....

                                                    ...and how cute the star looks with the initial of my sister's last name on it.

I also added a tag with what used to be my sons' favorite question for the holiday season..... beginning some time just after Halloween....

It's a phrase that has new meaning in my life now that both of them are away at college.

                                 This year it's me who is counting the days....until my sons come home for the holidays.

I'm sure that my sister's Granddaughter will love keeping track of the number of days until Christmas using this countdown calender pillow but I can't help but wonder how many times my sister will still have to answer the question, "How many days until Christmas?" this year. Those days pass far too quickly.

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  1. This is SO cute!! You did an amazing job :) Pinning!! xo

  2. WOW! I love your beautiful - fantastic countdown pillow! It's even prettier than the pottery barn one :)

  3. What a great project! It looks so cute, I just may have to run one up.

  4. Just beautiful! I like your version even better than the PB one.

  5. That is so cute. Link R up! My blog is not updating in the blogroll, but I am blogging daily.

  6. Love it, Kimberly! This turned out great! I'm pinning and planning to make time to make one for my own granddaughter. She's only 3 but I'm sure she will love using it in years to come. I just saw my son for my birthday {Halloween} and won't see him again now until Christmas. He's gone on for his Masters but at least that school is closer than his college was. Looking forward to your tutorial on this!

  7. Well it sure is adorable! I would never even begin to tackle it lol!

  8. Great pillow...can't wait for the tutorial

  9. Yes they do, my friend. Those magical Christmas' pass too quickly! Love, love this pillow. Clark Griswold would be proud!

    :) Linda

  10. This is dammmmmmmm cute. Really! I love it. I'm pinning it.

  11. I like your better and would love instructions!!

  12. I am blessed to be the sister to an amazingly generous and talented woman. Thank you Kim....We love it and Ella will enjoy the counting of days till christmas on such a beautiful piece.

  13. Absolutely love this pillow and it's a whole lot prettier than Pottery Barn's!! You did a great job! Can't wait for a tutorial!

  14. I saw and admired the original Pottery Barn Count down pillow and actually thought about trying to duplicate it. I LOVE yours, it just might inspire me to try one of my own! Thanks for the inspiration!

  15. I LOVE this and I'd like to make maybe 3-5. Can you share a little more infor? Pillow form size or finished size. I'm online looking for pillow forms but can't seem to find anything that will work, maybe I'm guessing the wrong size squares. I looked on but I cant find the pillow to see their sizes. Would love a detailed tute for those now so familiar with sewing and supplies. Thanks for any help!

  16. I LOVE this. I'd like to make 3-5 of them. Can you share a little more info? What size pillow form did you use? I've been looking online and can't find a size that seems to work with my math. I can't find the pillow on to get size info. Will you be doing a tute for some less experienced crafters with more step by step detail Thanks for sharing this. I know if I make 1 for my granddaughter the rest of my knds will want one down the road for future babies.

    1. Hi! I am still writing the tutorial but I hope to have it finished this week! The pillow size is 16x26.

  17. Love, love, love it! Thank you for sharing!


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