Holiday Gift Tags and Bows: Serendipity Refined at Vintage Charm November 17th!

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I'm not sure if I've told you,  but I don't really like public speaking.

I'm that girl at the party who is far more comfortable behind the scenes making things beautiful and ensuring that everyone has enough to eat and drink.
                                                                                     So....I have a favor to ask of you...

You see, some weeks ago,  I was asked to do a Holiday workshop at one of my favorite stores, Vintage Charm in LaGrange, IL, I hesitated for a moment. I considered just saying, "no".

But then they explained that I'd be able to make gift tags and to decorate packages and tie bows....

  They told me that they'd let me help people with ideas for wreaths...and gift baskets... 

Of course, at this point, my love of making things pretty and helping other people learn to do it for themselves caused me to completely overlook my paralyzing fear of speaking in public...

I'm not sure but I may have gone temporarily insane because, without another moment's hesitation,  I said, 

                                                                   "Sure, I'd LOVE to!" 

This week, I've been trying to overlook the speaking part as I've been finding my rubber stamps and punching out shapes...and assembling bits of ribbon and twine and tape....

I've been making a few tags which will hopefully provide a little inspiration and embellishing a few boxes.

I even put together a couple of wreaths using things that I found while I was in the shop and a couple of odds and ends that I picked up at the craft store all while conveniently overlooking the fact that I will actually  BE AT THE STORE this Sunday.

I think that I'm almost ready...well, except for speaking at all in public part.

So, here's what I'd like to propose: If you're in the area between 11 a.m. and 3 p.m. this Sunday, stop by Vintage Charm.

 You can do a little shopping and let me show you how to make your packages pretty...Heck, if you purchase jewelry, I'll even do it for you!
                                                                                         Make a gift tag...have a snack..

                                                       We'll chat and I can do what I love.

You see, when I spend time with my friends, it's easy...and I don't get nervous....and it won't really be like speaking in public at all.

It'll just be spending a few hours with friends....
                                               talking, embellishing packages, creating gift tags and making things pretty.

Oh, I almost forgot...if you've got a wreath that you need help with, bring it and your supplies and I'll give you ideas.   Need a bow tied? Bring your ribbon and I'll tie one for you.

And if you're not  in the area, don't worry! I'm creating tutorials for easy package add on's and gift tags that I'll be sharing in the coming weeks.

I suppose that I'd better find something to wear because  I've already got enough glitter on my face and in my hair that the check out girl at Hobby Lobby actually asked me what I'd been up to!