No Sew Felt Horse Head Candy Cane Cover {Ornament Day 6}

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Today we're making a replica of one of my favorite ornaments from my childhood: this felt horse head candy cane cover. Let me answer one question before we start: Why does it say "No Sew: when the photo shows stitching?  The answer: I chose to stitch mine.  The original was made using glue. It was lime green, a red rick rack "mane" and a gold rick rack harness.  I've updated mine just slightly so that it better matches my style.


1 - 8 x 10 inch piece of white felt (I used wool felt)
2 - 8mm black sequins
2 - 6/0 black glass beads
1 candy cane
10 inches gold cord
2 - star fasteners or star sequins
Approximately 16 to 18 inches of 1/8 inch leather ribbon (or other ribbon for harness)
6 inches of white fringe trim 
Pattern below  (right click the image, save to your computer, print)


Embroidery needle (optional)
Black thread (optional)
White embroidery floss (optional)
*For the no sew version, use either hot glue or a combination of fabric and craft glue
Hot glue


Print the pattern. Cut 2 of the head and 2 of the ear.
Lay the two head pieces on top of each other. Glue (or stitch) a sequin onto each side and a bead on top of each sequin for the eyes.
Glue (or stitch) an ear on each side of the head.

Beginning slightly to the left (toward the nose at the top) of the ear, place the fringe trim between the two head sections. Trim the  fringe so that it ends at the bottom of the head at the point where it curves to form the neck opening. Tie a hanger from the gold cord and place it between the head sections just behind the ear.

Glue (or stitch) the head sections, the hanger, and the mane together making sure to leave the bottom of the head open for the candy cane.
Cut one piece of  leather ribbon 5 1/2 inches long and one piece 9 1/2 inches long. Beginning on one side of the nose, glue the "reign" across the nose. Stop gluing at the point where the neck bends. loop the "reign" piece around the head at the neck and glue the same portion to the other side of the nose with the ends meeting at the top of the nose.

Beginning about an inch from the top of the nose, glue the harness/bridle to the head, looping it around the head just behind the ears and meeting at the same point on the other side. Trim if needed. Glue a star bead at the point where the two pieces meet.  Insert candy cane.

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This simple no sew horse head candy cane cover ornament is such a fun reminder of my childhood. Even if you don't use the "no sew" approach, it's a pretty simple DIY that can be customized to fit any color scheme...I may just make some red and white ones too!  I hope that you'll stop by tomorrow for a super easy ornament based on my son's favorite holiday book.