Vintage Style Glitter Star {Ornament Day 5}

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Today, I'm continuing with a vintage vibe for this wood star ornament that features a pipe cleaner edge and a vintage sheet music rosette in addition to a simple white, silver and gold color scheme.
This ornament looks much harder to create than it actually is. The beauty is in the details!


1 sheet of vintage sheet music
1 wood star cutout (Michaels)
10 inches gold cord (Michaels)
2 star embellishments (Michaels)
2 Silver pipe cleaners (Michaels)
Clear Glitter
Gold Glitter
Mod Podge or craft glue
White Pearl craft paint
Small piece of card stock

Some of the products that I used to make the ornaments for this series were purchased with a gift card which I received from Michaels. All choices regarding sources and products used in these posts are my own. 


Hot glue
Craft brushes
Large needle


Trace the shape of the star onto one corner of the sheet music. Cut the shape and apply it to the  back of the star using Mod Podge or craft glue. Paint the front of the star using the white paint. Glue one pipe cleaner to the edge of the star and the second pipe cleaner on the front of the star slightly inside of the edge. This will give the star the impression of being thicker.

Cut two strips of sheet music 3/4 inch each. Accordion fold them and glue them end to end to form a circle. Cut a quarter sized piece of card stock.  To make the rosette, fold the sheet music toward the center to form a circle and glue it to the rosette. (I use hot glue for this because it dries faster.)

Glue the rosette to the center of the star. Brush the rosette and the star lightly with Mod Podge or craft glue and dust lightly with clear glitter.

Create the center banner by cutting a 3/4 inch wide by 3 1/2 inch piece of card stock. Letter or print a name or message on the banner. Edge with glue and gold glitter.

Using a large needle, pierce the ends of the banner and attach the star shapes.  Glue the banner on a diagonal across the rosette, brush it with Mod Podge or craft glue and dust with clear glitter.  Drill a hole at the top of the star and attach gold cord for hanging.

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I also  hope that you like this vintage style wood star ornament as much as I do. Sheet music, pipe cleaners and clear glitter are some of my favorite things this holiday season! Be sure to stop by tomorrow to see a reproduction of an ornament from my childhood.