Bedroom update #2 and more vintage market

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I have about 12 feet of the border around the ceiling left to strip. I have held to my desire to use NO chemicals in my bedroom and am using only a steamer and white vinegar.  It's been incredibly slow and there will be patching, sanding and priming to be done prior to painting

I was really losing my desire for this project. It's been over two weeks, it's taking time that I didn't want to spend. I've been busy making a few things for the Vintage Market:

I had been looking for excuses not to work on the bedroom.  It wasn't just because it's been more of a mess than I anticipated but because, while I did know how I wanted the room to look and of the elements that I wanted to include, I didn't really have a clear idea of how it would all work together. Until today, at lunchtime, when I went to the paint store to talk about colors with a friend who was in my color theory class in college. I looked through a couple of wallpaper books because I'd been toying with the idea of putting a pattern back on the wall where the bed had been. After only a few pages in the first book that I opened, I found THIS:

Forgive the crappy photo. This is the most absolutely beautiful wallpaper that I've seen in a very long time. It feels almost hand painted. The colors are: two shades of blue, duck egg green, white, ivory, gray and beige. It has ALL of the colors that I'd been considering. It's from Anna French, "Wild Flora". It's more money than I wanted to spend, it's not prepasted, and it takes a couple of weeks to come in however, since I only need one double roll, and I'm nowhere near ready to wallpaper, I'm going to order it. 

Here's the Anna French Wallpaper Book shot of the full pattern:

They have it shown with in a house with very distressed gray/green/ivory/white and yellow wainscot and trim. I won't be able to do that to my window and door trim but I hope that I can faux something similar under the chair rail. That, too, is a long way off.  But I DID purchase the pale blue paint that I'm going to use on the tray part of the ceiling, YAY! (right after I finish stripping, and sanding and priming...yuck!)

Of course, while I was looking, I also found this:

 It's from Kenneth James "Domain"...and it would be fabulous in the hall and the master bath....and I know that I said that I wasn't going to touch those rooms, but I DO have a birthday in May....hey, a girl can dream......

Happy Ground Hog Day. According to a "reliable source" *wink*, Spring will be here soon!