Signs of Spring!

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I took a walk around my garden this morning. Of course, yesterday, when it was 50 degrees and sunny, I was too busy. Today, when it's cloudy and barely above freezing (33 degrees on my outdoor thermometer), I decided to walk around...go figure.  After spending most of the winter inside and experiencing only the bitter cold stillness of the Midwest  when I did venture outside in January and February, the first thing that I noticed was that I heard birds chirping.

And then I saw this. My snow drops are blooming!  The more I looked, the more I saw. Signs of things in my garden just beginning to "wake up".

Crocus beginning to color.

Daffodils starting to break through the soil and, while it's still a ways off, the tulips are coming up too.
I know that it's early, but I'm excited. Today I feel like spring is absolutely on it's way!