Hello, Old friend.

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I was cleaning off some shelves in the "scary" part of my basement last week. It's the part that is immediately in front of what is affectionately known to the male populous of my home as "mom's wall of crap" to which I take great offense since each and every bit of that stuff will someday have a use. (At least that's what I tell myself on those rare days that I'm attempted to just call the trash guys and have a dumpster delivered, but I digress). 

As I'm sure you know by now, I'm taking part in a Vintage Market in Rockford at the end of this week and I was rummaging through boxes of "crafting supplies" trying to find my stash of elastic for a project that I was working on.  Well, I never did find the elastic but I did find this:

I don't know much about her origin but I'm guessing from what little I do know that she's probably 1960's vintage. She was there, on the shelf.  Still in her original case just like she was when I got her from my friend and mentor, 28 years ago.  He had been had been an IBMer before I was even born. He had spent time working for IBM in Vietnam in the years immediately after the war.  This was his typewriter.

 She came into my life when I was just out of college but already had a well documented fondness for all things "junk".  He was cleaning out a storage room and getting rid of things that he no longer had a use for. This beauty was in the pile that was going to the donation center.  I asked if I could have her. Of course, he said "yes".  

She's been with me for years, waiting for "just the right spot". Well, now she has one, in my office. On the cabinet across from my desk.  She reminds me of my friend and words that I try to follow: Work Hard. Play Fair. Be Nice.