Notes to Myself - Dry Erase and Chalk Markers

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I've finally reached that point.

I've got so much stuff to remember that I've become a note writer.

But I don't just write notes on paper. I write them on major appliances

 I write with EXPO dry erase markers, on the washing machine, to remind myself of items in the washer that I want NOT to inadvertently throw into the dryer.  Or to remind anyone else  in my family who may feel compelled to help me with the laundry that there's something special  in the load that can't be dried.

Okay, who am I kidding?! That never actually happens, at least not in recent history.   

I write temperature or baking directions in chalk marker, on the oven door,  for recipes that have multiple temperatures during the cooking process.  I use chalk markers made by Pentel. I purchase them at Hobby Lobby. It says "wet erase" but they wipe off of glass with a dry cloth.

Sometimes, I write notes to other people in my family, on the bathroom mirror, like this one:

But mainly, it's to protect the clothes.

Like the White Gap T-Shirt. 

And my sanity.

Speaking of REMEMBERING THINGS, I have exciting news to share.  My blogging mentor and BFF, Karianne at Thistlewood Farm is

Here's the blog page too:
It's being held on October 12 and 13th in Raleigh, NC and Karianne is one of the speakers! You don't have to be from the south to attend! Heck, I'm trying to figure out a way to be there and I know of at least ONE other Illinois blogger who is making the trip.

SO....If you're a blogger who wants to learn more about how to grow your blog,
 if you are considering being a blogger and want information about how to get started, or
if you just want to spend a couple of days hanging with, and learning from, some of today's best,  
 get your blog-lovin' self over to Karianne's and sign up for your chance to do it FREE!



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